The Great Escape Ch5 bit – Snacks

Steve waited a second for the besotted pair to realize he was looming, then clapped a hand on Sakichi’s shoulder. “Come on, let’s go get something to eat. Fighting takes a lot out of you, even when you’re used to it.” And being a good medic took more. But he doubted Sakichi would admit that.

“I wouldn’t say I’m used to it,” Sakichi admitted as they filed out into the hall and started heading downstairs. “We tried to stay in the clinics most of the time. They were neutral ground. No one was allowed to attack there.”

“And when you couldn’t?” Widow glanced over her shoulder at him, waiting for truth or lies.

Sakichi reddened. “If someone tried to challenge Chisuru, I went after their Ashikabi. I think I’ve beaten up more people in the past few months than I have in my whole life.”

Bruce winced.

Steve hid a frown; just because Bruce had very good reasons to avoid violence, didn’t mean he ought to apply that to everybody-

“Ishida?” Tony had dropped the visor again, but the slightly mechanized voice was thoughtful. “I wish I could tell you the adrenaline goes away. It doesn’t. But you can get it to gear down, with some peace and quiet.” He paused. “Normal’s overrated, anyway.”

“I guess we’ll have to get used to that,” Sakichi said unhappily. “If Ashikabi are starting to develop powers….”

“It might just be those with multiple Sekirei,” Orihiko spoke up. “The only one I’ve heard of doing anything odd before today is Seo. And he has the Thunder Twins-”

Two stomachs growled. Kaho’s cheeks pinked, and she tried to look as innocent as anyone carrying a naginata could.

Barton swept forward to cover the last door between them and the cafeteria; Iron Man opened it with a butler’s flourish, exuding upper-class charm even through armor. “Ladies. Your repast awaits.”

20 thoughts on “The Great Escape Ch5 bit – Snacks

  1. Feeding them is a very good idea.

    As noted in an earlier chapter, anyone trying to deal with hungry Sekirei without feeding them ASAP is asking for trouble.

    Besides the Ashikabi probably get hungry too. Besides the fighting using up energy, the energy for what makes Ashikabi different from normal humans has to come from somewhere. Yes, they share energy with their Sekirei but I don’t believe for a minute that Ashikabi doesn’t have to contribute the energy necessary to fuel their abilities.

    Plus my bunnies are positive that something besides spit is being exchanged when an Ashikabi kisses their Sekirei so they can use Norito.

    Tony and Steve are being very themselves in this bit. 🙂

    “It might just be those with multiple Sekirei,”

    Knowing Murphy, I won’t count on that.

    Part of it is what Takami (and likely Takehito did) but still . . .

    My bunnies thinking something like what is happening to Minato and Yukari might happen to the others – not EXACTLY as far as we know they haven’t gotten the mad scientist treatment direct – just slower.

    Through my bunnies point out that who knows what else MBI might have done when they strapped on those tracking devices. Because I’m pretty sure most people won’t have exactly sat still for that, even before knowing it was lethal. Because MBI was already shady as heck and I know I won’t trust them.

    Well that was rambling . . .

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    1. Well, your bunnies are responsible for sending some of mine on a Sekirei/Project kick. The consensus of said bunnies is that Minaka found a bunch of modified humans from somewhere, then dosed them with a Shinigami variant.

      Madsen’s can infect via saliva. The Wagtailed Reapers also infect that way, but not with the full trans-formative effects. The first kiss carries the infection which makes them Ashikabi, but they won’t grow tentacles, even if they would have the potential with a different infection. (The virus that creates a Wagtailed Reaper from a suitably modified human can only be sourced from a lab.)

      That said, the Stargate/Sekirei kick was much more fruitful.

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      1. Most of me is sure that I don’t . . . . but there is a sector that is curious. It is the sector that hosts the bunnies, listens to their ramblings, and thinks the little monsters actually have good ideas. Which, okay, sometimes they do. Crazy ideas perhaps but good ones. Still . . . *headdesk*

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      2. Veeery short version… at one point the bunnies had an idea for a Detective Conan/Magic Kaito/RK cross with Changeling: the Lost as the universe background. Conan would resonate with a gargoyle, Kaito Kid with a white dove…. It’s probably better that one never got off the ground, so to speak.

        And then there’s my various “poking at characters and tengu/winged” ideas. All unfinished, and some of those are scary. Especially the one where Kayaba found out magic was real… and so updated SAO fairly early in the game. Cue after the hell that was SAO, the players waking up to find the youkai do exist in reality and some of them are not friendly… and others are all too friendly, fresh blood in the clans!

        (It is amazing the evil the bunnies will come up with if given the phrase, “Kayaba thought it would be interesting.”)

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      3. Probably because Kayaba is handy for explaining how something happened since he doesn’t have a lot of lines he won’t cross.

        Maybe it says something about me but my bunnies find a lot of appeal in creating situations where one can put a certain high-schooler-turned-elementary-kid detective, magician / acrobat / thief, and hitokiri / rurouni. The crazier bunnies like to give the aforementioned trio blood connections to each other.

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      4. The Stargate/Sekirei thing?

        Replaces ‘Kayaba thought it would be interesting’ with ‘Kayaba was a patsy for’ using the solution to my perception of a plot hole in Fate Grand Order. (I think the starter villain of that could’ve but did not use a more effective scheme. I think given the Nasu multiverse, a more effective scheme was used at least once.)

        But that one only uses the detective boys, not Kaito or Kenshin. And given the amount of murder, a Kaito heist would not be very thematic. Though, there’s no plans for murder in the epilogue*, and Kenshin would also be possible to cram into that.

        Another project, one that’s been holding my interest long term, has Kaito and Conan, but the true point of contact with the main plot from that cast is someone else. RuroKen has been penciled in to show up for a very long time, but I’m still plotting the early portions. As of yet, the RuroKen and related elements don’t actually do anything.

        *There are three reasons for the epilogue, and one of them is to talk about prison sentences. More murders would hurt the impact of my resolution.

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