The Great Escape Ch4 up on AO3

The Great Escape Chapter 4 is up on Archive of Our Own.

In other news, life tried to derail me from Leatherbound the past three days by way of dentist and washer shenanigans. But I will not be thrown! I made progress; 400-odd words here and there, sometimes, but progress. The draft continues!

…At least so far, hopefully, Murphy can go play somewhere else, pretty please….

4 thoughts on “The Great Escape Ch4 up on AO3

  1. And I think you just amused her.


    “Oh the little monkey creature thinks it can win. I can’t tell if that is cute or pathetic. Or both.”

    Seeing a Norito in action for the first time is an interesting experience for the Avengers. (And wait unitl they figure out how that level of power but destructive can translate)

    And I believe them, Bruce realized, startled. Why do I believe them?

    Empathic projection?

    “On our terms.”

    Yes. Whenever possible, always choose your ground. Never let the enemy do it if you can help it.

    Barton smirked. “Like I’d want to try. I hate kidnappers.”

    And for good reason.

    Heck, all of the Avengers have reasons for hating kidnappers. None of them have good experiences with such people – either because of their own experiences or the experiences of someone they cared about.

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  2. I just realized that Bruce is a perfect person to be “receptive” to projection-empathy– because he’s GOT to always be “listening,” very closely, for anything to be out of balance.
    And a sudden “everything is OK” is a rather unusual imbalance. 😀

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