16 thoughts on “Phantom Fluff up on AO3

      1. Latin is a dead dead language.
        As dead as it can be.
        It killed off all the Romans.
        And now it’s killing me.

        Wrapping your head around Latin grammar can make all sorts of interesting English constructions sound straightforward and natural.

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      2. …by yoda, that was influenced….but I think you speak jibber.

        I do. I also speak babble.

        To be perfectly frank, I’m (sometimes or often depending on what kind of day it has been) surprised that people can understand something I wrote down or said. Between the babble, the jibber, and rambling, sometimes I have difficulty understanding what I’m trying to communicate.

        Of course part of that surprise is because clear communication is hard, dyslexia can make it even trickier, and so can anxiety. Especially when anxious brain picks up the communication-is-hard baton and runs with it to . . . somewhere.

        See what I mean . . . I hope you all can speak rambling jibber babble.

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