Earring Tales: Firefly Kisses

Something to ring in the New Year?

Firefly Kisses6

So I had some lime/neon greens….

(I’m beginning to suspect “So I had this X” is going to preface a lot of weirdness.)

I was actually poking colors to see if I could make a gradient, but there weren’t enough greens close enough to the two neon-ish ones to make it work. But I had the limeade, which was slightly darker, and the transparent snowflake luster (very faintly green), and as I was looking at them the bead-bunnies said “Firefly lights!”

So. Fireflies. 🙂

Firefly Kisses earrings.


6 thoughts on “Earring Tales: Firefly Kisses

    1. The edges are luster snowflake (Delica 1474), the center diamonds are Ceylon c-lined limeade (0237), the outer chevrons are luminous bright lime satin (1858) and the inner are luminous neon lime green (2040). I used black-anodized niobium earwires. 🙂

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      1. Thank you! I’ll be sure to pick those up, as I have a dramatic red purple that I think would look positively dramatic next to them.

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  1. It’s very . . . green.

    I can say it looks interesting. Not want-to-buy interesting but that’s not a slight against your newest shiny. That is entirely due to the fact that I’m a winter and cannot wear those shades of green.

    I have X and an idea is usually what is behind some unique creative project.

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