Earring Tales: A Twist in Time

And this is what happens when dimensional peyote stitch goes horribly wrong.


I hadn’t done pentagons in a while. I thought I remembered how. The first few rows, yes. The next… not so much.

Looooong story short, there’s a specific pattern of beads you have to add for each set of 4 rows to get it to come out flat. Oops?

At least I figured out where I had to look for the correct directions. So I have a set of nice flat pentagons for my attempt at a barrette now.

11 thoughts on “Earring Tales: A Twist in Time

  1. Still fun. And very pretty! Blerg, just too tired for anything right now. Still. Fun idea for a plot thing that I can’t spell right now, the closer the wearer is to a weakness/twist/eddy in the flow of time, whether a person or location, the more twisted the earrings become.

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  2. Any mistake where you can twist it around to a point where you can say “I meant to do that!” and actually get people to believe you is not a mistake, but a very strange form of inspiration.

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