The Great Escape Ch6 bit – Better Part of… Something

Coat’s thick, almost hides everything. If you don’t know what to look for, Tony thought. So, one, I know Kagari did not have those pretty accessories at the party and two, who’s behind everything else that’s happened to the Sekirei so far?

Yeah. I’d kill Minaka, too.

Razor ice slashed through Homura’s flames, drawing blood from a half-dozen cuts. Tony listened to the yells and crisp words with just half an ear, watching the flow of energies and power as the ice Sekirei landed on the roof of a little rooftop shed, looking down at the fire-user. Homura’s fighting to stay alive, and get past her. But he… she… screw it, I’m sticking to he, the fire’s getting used on the ice, not the enemy. Kagari doesn’t want to kill. Handicap

“There was only one last thing I was going to tell you,” subtitles flashed at the bottom of the video, as Kagari’s voice rose in a yell of pure aggravation. “And that’s to put some damn panties on!

“Oh.” The ice Sekirei looked down, face almost blank. “I forgot.”

Tony stared at tasteful pixilation, and tried not to sigh in regret. “Jarvis?”

“Discretion is the better part of valor, Sir.” That was a smothered laugh. Definitely. “Miss Potts knows where my servers are.”

27 thoughts on “The Great Escape Ch6 bit – Better Part of… Something

    1. Eh, the Turing Test was flawed. It also does not do what it’s generally believed to do. Its purpose isn’t to prove “this computer/AI is human”, instead it’s “this computer/AI produces text interaction that tricks a human into thinking that the computer/AI is actually human”. There’s a big difference there.

      First, the point of the test is merely disguise/imitation. It is also limited to text only, because Turing realized the limitations of the hardware and software of the day, and didn’t future-proof his test. (explicitly limited to “text interaction only, so it doesn’t depend on the computer’s ability to render text-as-speech”, and didn’t even consider video because that was too far beyond any “reasonable” view of future computer abilities at the time)
      It also is explicitly not about “can computers think?” (because Turing considered “thinking” to be too ambiguous a term), but instead about “when there’s two agents trying to convince a human observer that they are X, through text-only, and one of those agents is a computer, can it do so successfully?”. Thinking, or being a person, is completely against the point. There’s lots of actual humans who can’t pass the Turing test, because they have trouble with interpersonal interaction, and don’t act “normal”. All the computer really needs is a sufficiently large interaction-data-pool/ruleset, and a sufficiently powerful set of hardware, and it can pass the Turing Test through brute force (as has been done already IRL).

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  1. I can see Kagari getting warm fuzzes if s/he hears Tony using the male pronoun in his regard. Because I’m pretty sure the rest of the flock is using ‘Sister’ and while Minato is referring to Kagari as a guy, there is a certain amount of emotional subtext form both Sekirei and Ashikabi that undermines it.

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    1. >Very much so, yes.>
      Even more so now. After all, things are starting to calm down so the flack might be intending to ‘help’ break the ice between their Sister and Minato.

      And revamp her wardrobe of course. Slacks and button down shirts (without the top 2-3 buttons removed/undone)? Those simply won’t do at all to attract her Ashikabi ‘s eye. 😉

      Tony: “So why do they think these outfits are normal?”

      Kagari: -growls- “Blame Minaka.”

      Steve: “You blame Minaka for almost everything.”

      Kagari: “And I’m right far more often then not!”

      Jarvis: “Captain Rogers, I have analyzed the relevant data and Mr. Kagari’s statement is quite well supported in this matter.”

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    1. Eeeeh, I think Mikogami could stand a reality check or five. While he does have his good points, he also has been treating the Sekirei Plan like a game of Pokemon, and that’s pretty darn demeaning. He deserves a dressing down for some of his past behavior.

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  2. so does Yukari… who stepped on the groin of not only the bad ashikabi, but also the ones who ennoyed her, and the ones who didnt answer immediately within 1 seconds of being asked about Kusano, and those ashikabi who just happened to be male and to fight her…

    and what about when minato forced his kiss on tsukiumi, who DIDNT want to be winged by him? her falling for him afterwards could be chalked to winging bond…

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    1. >and what about when minato forced his kiss on tsukiumi, who DIDNT want to be winged by him? her falling for him afterwards could be chalked to winging bond…>

      Well in this version at least there was something funky going on even before the Winging.
      “Minato’s a strong Ashikabi,” Matsu nodded. “His empathic ability is stronger than any other Ashikabi I’ve been able to scan. He found Kusano by following a vision, and Tsukiumi… well, if he hadn’t already formed a bond with her in dreams, I doubt she would have let him live long enough to talk, much less touch her.”

      Ouch. Good point. The Water Sekirei had been adamant that she would slay the Ashikabi that had the effrontery to make her body react- wait. “He talked to her?” Kagari said, incredulous. “I thought it was instinct. That an Ashikabi couldn’t help but want.”

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    2. I don’t remember Minato forcing his kiss on Tsukiumi . . . *rewatches scene* And I remember correctly. SHE kissed him.

      He did do that to Kagari / Homura but one could argue that said Sekirei was being a suicidal idiot at the time and Minato was trying to save his life. So gray area – kissing people without their consent is wrong, especially Sekirei given what happens, but so is simply allowing someone who is acting / is suicidal to kill or hurt themselves without at least trying to help. Okay, maybe there is nothing anyone can do to help that person stop hurting that badly and see their live as worth living but I think one should at least try.

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      1. > Okay, maybe there is nothing anyone can do to help that person stop hurting that badly and see their live as worth living but I think one should at least try.>
        Of course there was the added factor that Kagari’s powers that were going out of control were starting to create what looked like a pretty impressive firestorm from what clips I saw. And then the question would be what would stop first: Kagari’s life or his control over the fire?

        Because if he lost all control before dying, I’m thinking FAE/Pyroclastic cloud on everything in the general vicinity.

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  3. “Discretion is the better part of valor, Sir.”

    Yes it is. JARVIS has a much better sense of self-preservation than his creator sometimes.

    Yes, Tony made a super-tech protective armor . . . he also uses it to fight people, some of whom probably can beat him armor and all. The armor isn’t invincible.

    I think Tony will really sympathize with Kagari’s actions there. After all, he had his suicidal, heroic and idiotic (and all three at once) moments when he was dying.

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    1. Cinematic Marvelverse Tony made the armor first to survive and escape. Then kept using it as a not entirely healthy coping mechanism for PTSD. As he told Steve, it helped him “Find what the bastards want and make sure they never, ever, get it.”

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      1. True . . . still doesn’t display the strongest survival instincts. Most of those encourage either staying or getting AWAY from the bad thing, not running after and/or toward it. Yes, it is fight or flight but most probably use the fight part to gain the opportunity to flee. And there is a reason why a lot of things and people choose to cheese it at the first chance in a danger situation – running is usually the safer option. You could lose a fight or get injured.

        Granted, NONE of the Avengers are the best survival instincts in that regard. Or have instincts that lean more toward fight than flight. Most of the time.

        The bunnies think that Hiko Seijiro would probably liken dealing with / running herd on the Avengers as like dealing with SIX of his baka denshi.

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      2. The Muse: “Gentlebunnies, I love crossovers.”
        My Better Judgement: “You’re either looking at time travel, an alternate dimension with AU history, or an alternate setting with history rebuilt to support both properties. And I don’t even have the germ of a plot.”
        Bunnies: “What about Project?”
        MBJ: “What about Project? The number of things you’ve thought about grafting onto Project are much larger than the number that have actually proved viable. This cross would fit better with a setting built from scratch.”
        Bunnies: “We could totally do that.”
        MBJ: “And abandon that forty crossover mess we are currently trying to implement? And various other things we are fortunate to have? I know if I ask what the point is, you’ll somehow come up with an answer. Nor will I ask about plot, despite RuroKen, MCU, Sekirei, Prototype, Hakuouki, Peacemaker Kurogane, Kabaneri, and maybe Star Gate, My Hero Academy, Resident Evil, Saiyuki, Psi Wars, Sakura Wars, and Bleach sounding like an incomprehensible mess. Do remember that we have issues with incomprehensible messes. If we aren’t doing something productive, we can at least stick to a single project.”

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  4. Re: Kenshin/Stark crossover —

    “Oh, look, another funny gaijin. And actually, Tony’s not nearly as weird as some of the others.”

    “With giant super-tech armor? And flying?”

    “Totally normal in the world of Oh Edo Rocket.”

    “We don’t live in the world of Oh Edo Rocket.”

    “Okay, then what about the ancestral Starks?”

    “They did not have power armor.”

    “How do you know?”

    “The same way I know that Kenshin is not going to show up in GATE – What the JSDF Did There!”

    “Man, you are a party-pooper.”

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    1. Bunnies: Not seeing any interesting solutions to this.
      Me: Good. I have other fish to fry.
      *Tokyo Ghoul fanfic*
      Bunnies: Oooh.
      Me: I’ll admit that Kaoru and Kenshin as ghouls has some interesting resonances, but it flat out doesn’t really work.
      Bunnies: But we can mash all these setting elements together.
      Me: Not a plot, hence kinda boring. And I’m trying to carefully not challenge you awful bastards for fear that you will provide solutions. Kayaba and Minaka as Nasu maguses suborned by the Psi Wars Cult of the Mystic Tyrant is kinda half neat.
      Bunnies: You can graft some of the bits you came up with for this onto the project you say you are supposed to be working on.
      Me: Thematic issues. Tokyo Ghoul does not match that project at all. If you really like those bits, and can’t find somewhere else for them, we can always graft them onto the Bleach/RWBY/Tokyo Ghoul thing when we get back to it.
      Bunnies: You forgot to write down Magi when you were making the notes on the idea you say you aren’t going to pursue. Given some of properties on there, that’s the sort of mix you might want to put Yu-Gi-Oh, Saint Seiya, and Ghostbusters into.
      Me: Go hug a rainforest with nuclear arms. And permit me to shift focus to a much more interesting real life project.


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