Earring Tales: Barrette Experiment

Sorry this is blurry. The weather when I had access to the camera was less than cooperative.


So. First try at getting a beaded barrette to come out right. Here’s my current list of things that Need Working On.

1: Fitting the pentagons together works best if I leave off the last-row beads on one side, but I still need to determine if I need to leave both point beads off, or just one of them.

2: Need to figure out a way to trace the shape onto the leather that leaves a little less extra leather on the edges.

3: If one face of the beads looks better than the other, mark it somehow so I make sure that side is glued down.

4: The differences in color between the center pentagon and the two flanking it aren’t as intense as I intended. Will need to consider that in the future.

5: Check the upcoming weather reports given glue temperature requirements so I’m not left hanging for half a week with it not quite done.

6: Figure out if there’s any way to speed up the beading, because this took a lot of hours to put together. And if I want to do more of these, it’d be nice if I could bring the time investment down to the point that it was salable for a reasonable price!

Comments, suggestions? 🙂

12 thoughts on “Earring Tales: Barrette Experiment

  1. Most of the people who I know that bead barrettes either do the rounds(sometimes called medallions/rosettes), or use a beading loom, then sew it on for a rectangular shape. Most of them learned from their parents/grandparents, but I see there’s some instruction videos and patterns online.

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  2. That’s really nice! And I don’t think you have to worry about the leather border – from what I can see, it looked just fine to me. I think the brown around the edge was a nice touch actually – it made me think of a winter forest for some reason.
    It’s a pity the pattern is so time intensive – I think it could make an interesting chocker too!

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  3. It’s pretty.

    Like the blues . . . and the star pattern. Through it did get me humming Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.

    Shame about the time-intensity but as you said, you might find ways to cut that down. Part of the time might be inexperience – the first time attempting something is usually the slowest. The next couple of times aren’t usually much quicker.

    But you can say you learned something. Or several somethings so time definitely not wasted. 🙂

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