The Great Escape Ch6 bit – Dust

Ooo, I want to know what they do with momentum, Tony thought longingly as Uzume jumped. Nothing human should move that fast.

“You’re coming with me!” Silk whipped around bloodied black, squeezing Kagari’s arms against his sides. “Because if you don’t,” another blur almost too fast to see, and Uzume bent her head near her captive’s, whisper low and intense, “you’ll die.”

Wrap a firestarter in silk, Tony thought wryly as Kagari ignited, breaking his bonds in an instant, yeah sure, makes loads of sense

Oh. Hell.

The Sekirei he’d seen were naïve and distractible and inexperienced, but they were not stupid. Uzume knew exactly how flammable her weapons were.

“Come with me or die.” Oh hell. She was giving him an out.

Ice slashed at silk, Uzume yelled a challenge back, and the two Sekirei were moving like zipping electrons, flashes of gold, white, and blue lighting up the sky.

Steaming, Kagari stumbled away. Faltered, one red-glowing hand touching the roof as he tried to get back to his feet.

The roof started melting.

“Jarvis, note, armor temp tolerances check,” Tony murmured. Because seriously, melting concrete? Kagari had serious heat going on there. And if it wasn’t even singeing him-

I take that back.

Kagari was trying to stand and couldn’t, reaching out toward something out of the camera view. Whatever it was had to be important, Tony had a pretty good idea what it took to keep moving when your body was starting to shut down. In a dry mouth, he could taste the ghost of Afghani dust.

9 thoughts on “The Great Escape Ch6 bit – Dust

    1. I have not. As I said when I first started posting this, I have only the anime and some Wikia stuff to go off of.

      …And I have to admit, for the purposes of this story, I don’t need to know how the manga ends. This is a crossover and Alternate Universe, and it was inspired by the anime, so that’s what I’m running with. 🙂

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  1. Nothing human should move that fast.

    Well, they aren’t human?

    Through some mutants can move pretty quick.

    I take that back.

    Extra-ordinary circumstances. Powers were unstable and going haywire. Recall what they said about why Sekirei need an Ashikabi.

    Having some of his latent Guardian genes being newly awakened and in-flux probably wasn’t helping – through Tony doesn’t know about Guardians.

    Probably also didn’t help that he was ignoring his reaction / latent bond to Minato for various reasons. Just think that might have made Kagari’s instincts and such even snarlier than they otherwise would have been.

    You know, it might have been nice if Miya had explained about Guardians when Kagari FIRST started getting sick and changing. Instead of waiting until after he had been winged. Did she not remember until then? If she did remember, why did she think it was a good idea of needlessly stress him out like (by letting him think he was freak when she knows that he is a normal Sekirei – well as normal as a Sekirei who has been fiddled with by MBI can be) . . . or did she think he might be a Guardian but wasn’t sure due to all the tinkering do to them until then?

    ANWAY, I think under normal circumstances, Kagari’s fire doesn’t hurt him. And he can get it pretty hot. So more heat resistance might not be a bad idea. Besides some of the Marvel Universe bad guys also like playing with very hot fire.

    In a dry mouth, he could taste the ghost of Afghani dust.

    PTSD is a bitch, pardon my language.

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    1. >You know, it might have been nice if Miya had explained about Guardians when Kagari FIRST started getting sick and changing. Instead of waiting until after he had been winged. Did she not remember until then? >
      A possibility is that due to her somewhat scrambled brain (Vathara has hinted that the cryo-sleep caused some issues) it was a combination of the ‘not remembering’ and her not considering the peculiarities of Guardians odd.

      Remember that Kagari considered himself a freak, that he was broken somehow. However to Miya, his changes would probably feel normal if she subconsciously recalled what Guardians did when they encountered compatible Ashikabi etc.

      It was only after Kagari nearly killed himself and Minato winged him that Miya truly realized that something was really wrong with how Kagari viewed himself. Also that he had been making some incorrect assumptions about Minato.

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    2. Well, they aren’t human?

      Think like an engineer with specialties that include somehow getting a set of powered armor to fly.

      Something shaped like a human, massing like a human, with human joints, has certain limitations on its motion. These sorts of systems are probably ones that Tony has to understand fairly well.

      If he is talking about momentum not being conserved? He is seeing some accelerations that he thinks he knows the forces for, and something isn’t adding up.

      OOC, we can just say tama mystical physics bullshit. There’s some explanation for it in universe, and it probably involves what Sekirei think of as energy. Tony figures it out, and maybe he is on the road to better countering the discipline squad.

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