Earring Tales: Dawn Pinks

Try for Valentine’s Day, get pretty dawn?

Dawn Pinks4

The wide pink stripe in the center is actually two stripes of the same Delica color number, but from two different sources. I think there’s a subtle color difference. But that could be just me.

Still looks neat anyway. 🙂

…I’m beginning to think making earrings specifically for holidays isn’t exactly my thing. I just finished a 3rd stab at Valentine’s Day today (don’t have pics yet), and what I ended up with was… orange-streaked sunrise.

*Snrks at self.*

Well, I can keep trying….

Dawn Pinks earrings.

2 thoughts on “Earring Tales: Dawn Pinks

  1. Hey, I’ll take it, they’re turning out gorgeous. As a semi-confirmed old maid in the making I’d actually prefer a pink sunset earring pair over Valentine. But that’s just me.

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