Earring Tales: Minnesota Viking Raid

I’m actually not a football type of person. But the name was too fun to resist once I realized I had a purple and yellow combo.

Storm Sunlight2

I’ve been trying to put together a gradation of yellows for a while; this is one of the more subtle ones so far. Purple seemed like a good contrast.

Still, open to suggestions on how to improve or give more of an impression of sun through clouds. Would alternating light and dark streaks give more of a sun-and-clouds effect, or just look confusing?


Minnesota Viking Raid earrings.

5 thoughts on “Earring Tales: Minnesota Viking Raid

  1. Not a football person? Burn the heretic!

    But seriously, an MC I refined yesterday is a huge fan of a college football team that I haven’t picked yet. I need to do some research first.


  2. I think a sun-dappled clouds effect is generally more…random, or mottled, than stripes? or at least stripes of random thicknesses, if stripes need to happen for construction reasons. Of course, afaic, human imagination is such that you could just alternate even-sized stripes of dark and light, name it something like “Sun Through Clouds”, and let your viewers’ minds make the leap for you…

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