Earring Tales: Dawn Streaks

Early mornings can have an amazing mix of colors.

Dawn Streaks1

I love seeing colors like this in the morning, but only if I’ve had enough sleep the night before. ūüėČ

Edge beads are actually silver-lined light pink.¬†Interesting how they look silver against the rest. That’s something I try to pay attention to when putting colors together; often what looks silver or white in¬†one of my¬†designs is really a very pale shade of the main color… because actual silver or white would clash.

I think I like the mix of finishes here; gives more of the effect of clouds catching the light in some spots, with dawn coloring sky in others.

Dawn Streaks earrings.

2 thoughts on “Earring Tales: Dawn Streaks

  1. Pretty! My dawns are generally backing a deep blue, before suddenly painting the sky an only pink and purple. I really want to see a sunrise over the Grand Cannyon one day. Just, just to see it. Then one in the mountains, and one out on the water with nothing around but more water. Just to see them all.

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