The Great Escape Ch6 bit – In the Details

George was not going to think about the invasion of toy-sized robot cops on pitchforks who’d transported through microwaves after an alien parole-breaker and thoroughly wrecked the Vegas casino HYDRA had just bought for money laundering. Just, no.

The local construction crews had apparently loved them, though. And George had decided he was not going to ask about possible interesting concrete foundations poured after the local HYDRA area commander had packed them off back to headquarters for punishment, then marched off with everyone but Zed Team to discuss matters with a supposed ex-head of the Mafia.


George shuddered, trying not to remember the alien comet fungus-rain they’d been sent to get samples of, that had mutated every tarantula in ten miles into giant man-eating monsters. Specifically men, for some reason HYDRA scientists still hadn’t figured out; meaning he and Plantain had been benched looking after rug-rats while Mullen and Goldenrod went after the communal nest with axes, welding torches, and the local Ladies’ Spinning, Weaving, and Anarchy Society.

Mull hadn’t been able to go near a creepy-crawly since. So when that redhead in black had wiggled a giant spider plushie in her face-

Well. A bull in a china shop might have done less damage. Maybe.

A/N: If anyone thinks they recognize a Blue Devil comic ref – well, yes. My bunnies have never been shy about Marvel meeting DC….


17 thoughts on “The Great Escape Ch6 bit – In the Details

  1. Ladies Spinning, Weaving, and Anarchy Society = LMAO! Totally BAMF! I’m not sure who got buried under the concrete, the robots, the HYDRA people, or the mafia boss, but either way that bit was hilarious. XD I wish you the best of luck on your writing!

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  2. having those guys still be nazi HYDRA agents at heart, and true believers, and STILL end up saving the world, but failing at their goals seems better then redemption-every story needs the insufferable fellow does good, but stings and ennoys too much to be appreciated, by heroes, civvies, or readers.

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  3. Sounds like Murphy has them on target-lock. And that they have said entity’s personal (shudder) attention.

    Through that stuff sounds like the kind of thing that Simon, Alan, and the rest of the Hancock gang would just end up stumbling over somewhere, someday, somehow. Quite possibly with SG-1 along for the ride, unable to believe just how trouble Simon and/or Alan manage to find even when they are just absolutely minding their own business and were not looking for any trouble, honestly. Bonus points if one of the SG people acknowledges that Ja’far’s tendency to go on any outing with either Simon or Alan and especially both of them loaded for Godzilla is less paranoia and more sensible preparation.

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      1. “Simon, no-”
        “Simon, YES…!” *Bounces off with a manic grin*

        “Why do I even bother?”
        “Because, deep down, you are optimist?”
        *gives speaker a look*


        “Does that happen a lot?”
        “Only on days ending in -y.”

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