Avatar AU Ficbit up on AO3

As I have spare bits of time, I’m trying to get my stuff from Fanfiction.net to Archive of Our Own. It’s much easier to print or save fics from AO3, and I know I like to do that to read away from the computer myself.

So “Scarlet and Black” is now up on the Archive. 🙂

I still like this AU idea, and if the bunnies ever get past their “Ack no no more Avatar!” I hope to play with it more.

18 thoughts on “Avatar AU Ficbit up on AO3

      1. AO3 dumps to Mobi and ePub. (I’ve only used the PDF, so I can’t personally verify that those work.)

        Shouldn’t it just be a matter of installing Calibre, converting to whatever format your ereader uses, and sticking it on your reader? Or does some of the stuff Catsy do not convert well to your format?

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  1. So happy to see this in a downloadable form! Also i can totally see the bunnies being exhausted after embers, but if you ever get back to this I will read the hell out of it. Even all these years after you first wrote it I daydream about this Zuko and Toph meeting.
    Let’s face it, I’ll read anything you post cause it’s all awesome

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      1. Getting SG-1 on the train will be interesting. Because SOP would be that they try to stick as close to the ‘gate as possible so they can retreat back to Earth. This will be a problem if the stargate is not within one of the stations because even if SG-1’s rifles can pierce the heart-cage, there are more Kabane out there then they have bullets.

        In comparison the Hayajiro is not going to stay in one place for more then a few hours outside if the stations to not get over-run by Kabane.

        So I see three possibilities:
        1. The gate is out in the wilderness and SG-1 ends up running into the Hayajiro while they are trying to get away from the Kabane swarms.

        2. The gate is in one of the ‘living’ stations.

        3. The gate is in/under Aragane and SG-1 meets the Hayajiro’s crew who are in the process of reclaiming the station.

        The issue with 1 is that SG-1 wouldn’t run away from the gate unless the Kabane only attack in such a way that they’re blocked off. SOP would be jump back through the gate if possible. 2 would have them interacting with the station (assuming the inhabitants don’t attack them out of fear or something). Finally 3 would be a ways in the future for Ayame’s people considering the sheer amount of resources and support they woud have to scrap together in order to begin rebuilding Aragane.

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  2. Personally, though I understand why you are utterly spent with A:tLA, I’m crossing my fingers for either Ryohime and Kingame’s story or a meet and greet with a certain team of astral explorers. I also spend time amusing myself at thinking of potential misunderstandings over who, exactly, is higher on the pecking order a la Dragon King’s Temple.

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  3. Since I just successfully posted (at last)I’m trying again to offer this hopefully helpful comment:

    apropos of downloading long fics to read, Calibre was mentioned. There’s a plug-in for Calibre specifically for downloading fics from all common sites (the list of supported sites is quite long). It’s very easy to use, and needs only a URL to download anything from a drabble of 50 words, to a doorstopper like Embers. And it brings the author’s notes with it. (which is good when they’re meaningful, and annoying when they are blabber.)

    Once you’ve got a fic downloaded into Calibre, you can make in any of a choice of formats, Docx, Pdf, ebook, and more and print or send to a friend, or put on an e-reader (what I & the kid do). Very flexible, and the best solution we’ve found for long fics.

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