On Writing: Faking It Past Weak Points

Everybody’s got their weak points when it comes to writing. I’ve got several, but there’s one in specific that always gets me: 3-D motion of bodies in space. I have a hard time visualizing it. Always have. This is one of the reasons fight scenes, in particular, are a lot of work.

Fortunately, there are ways to fake it.

R2B Dragon Rider

I’m working on an aerial combat bit in Leatherbound. No jets involved, no radar – but it’s still protagonist and various nasties maneuvering in three dimensions in the air. So this vid really helps. The fight scene background music is also a plus. 😉 Two Steps From Hell does awesome work.

R2B may not be true-to-life, probably isn’t, but the AMV shows tactics. How fliers with relatively the same speed and maneuverability try to gain advantage and not get dead. How the wind of passage and off-target weaponry affect the environment. Most important, it gives the visceral feeling of trying to survive the dogfight and, say, avoid running into things. Like bridges, skyscrapers, mountains….

It’s that in-the-gut sense of how things move that I need to write a good combat scene. Because my cold visualization sucks, but my tactile sense of motion can apparently substitute. If I can put together a motion-shape in my head of “this is how two bodies are moving and why”, I can build that into a visual scene. Editing can usually take it from there.

On a related note, I need a similar immersion to write good fanfic. I need to see and hear the characters in depth and in detail, and recently, to get them right… and that does take time. For the past several months I haven’t had much spare time, dagnabbit.

Anyway. That’s one of my writing tricks. Hopefully someone might find it of use to chew on.  🙂

8 thoughts on “On Writing: Faking It Past Weak Points

  1. Whatever works. 😉

    Might help me – I’m, primarily, a visual learner – I need video, pictures, graphics, etc most of the time to fully understand something. I can kinda of get it without those things but sometimes (often) it doesn’t really click until I get a picture.

    Now I can paint a pretty good picture in my head from words alone – I do that all the time when I’m reading novels and fic – but some times are just plain hard to describe with only words.

    Of course, part of that might be emphasized by the fact that I’ve somewhat recently had my interest in figure skating re-awakened and part of that renewed interest is actually learning what all of the elements and such are. And figure skating stuff is hard to explain without pictures, often animated gif pictures.

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      1. Yep. I really enjoyed it – the animation is good, I liked the bulk of the characters, and I enjoyed the budding romance – and it reminded me of how much I liked figure skating when I was little. So I started watching it again.

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  2. You know what might also help? The Dogfights tv show that aired on the history channel 2006-2008. They showed actual dogfights (like the kind depicted in the R2B video), except they also have interviews with surviving pilots and voiceovers explaining what was going on.

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