Earring Tales: Grilled

Today has been lightning, lightning, and flood. Oh, and more lightning, close enough to rattle your bones. It only died down about a half-hour ago. I tend to avoid electronics when the skies are angry….


I was watching some shows demonstrating BBQ methods and recipes a bit back. And this just… all seemed to fit together. 🙂

In part, I admit, because I wanted to do something that was Not Blue. I like blue, but work with it for too long a stretch and my bead-bunnies cry out for warm colors. Can’t get much warmer than smoking BBQ!

…Yes, I know a stray color snuck in there. Hopefully it gives it character. 😉

Grilled tailgate earrings.

9 thoughts on “Earring Tales: Grilled

  1. …. I was doing too much of what I was reading, because my first thought was ‘bleeding.’ Still gorgeous pieces! And now I’m really glad I just ate, because that reminds me of steak. In a good way. I need to go find a fast munch, I’ve obviously have food on the brain.

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  2. The colors make me think of a BBQ sauce, actually!
    And the more I try to bead the more my respect for you grows. I’m using a loom now which helps but an inch takes me 2 hours. My inability to get anything other then Czech Glass beads (size 6 or 10) in person doesn’t help.

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      1. Fine and gross motor skill issues don’t help any either. It will help long term, I know but it’s still difficult to not loose my temper some times.

        I know about fire mountain gems, but not fusion beads. I’ve actually been looking at shipwreck beads right now, but I haven’t actually bought from them yet so I don’t know how good they are.

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  3. Pretty.

    Weather has been pretty calm here – the rain has been more that quiet and steady but short rain bursts that we get sometimes. Of course, I might get more energetic weather if that storm over your head decides to head further south.

    …Yes, I know a stray color snuck in there. Hopefully it gives it character.

    Funny thing – I didn’t notice it until you pointed it out.

    Of course, I’m being somewhat distracted by the Winter Olympics. Particularly the figure skating. They haven’t started the individual competitions but they just finished the team event today (2/11). 🙂

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