Earring Tales: Catseye Green

A blast from the past, in a way.

Catseye Green3

I put together a bunch of earrings like this in the past because they were fun, but they just… didn’t sell. I don’t know if I didn’t have good pictures, or if they just weren’t “in” at the time, or if my idea of neat earring design just… isn’t. Or what. Any thoughts?

So I’m currently trying to take some better pictures as I haul some of these out of storage and see if I can clear a few of them out.

Feedback welcome!   🙂

Catseye green earrings.

10 thoughts on “Earring Tales: Catseye Green

      1. measures the longest earrings she owns that look good on her. Drat. 2″. sorry.

        (hope this posts. I’ve tried commenting again here, and on the Avatar AU post and they’ve vanished. )

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      2. This post worked! (Sometimes WordPress just eats things.)

        *Goes back and re-measures* Actually, they’re just a smidge over 2″, height of the earwires included. Sorry about the earlier mistake; I’d posted several earrings of different lengths and I thought I’d remembered right.


  1. It might be the lighting.

    The design is fine and the colors go well together, but something about the lighting makes the clear bead and the metal bead look plastic.

    Artificial light or something more indirect may give you better results.

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  2. The swirls of green on the bottom and top orbs of the earring on the right remind me of the quality of light you get when there’s a tornado possible. Dunno why, there’s not quite enough yellow? Maybe? I’ve never come up with a good description of the light at that time. Yellowish green, with a bit of dusty… something? Meh, the purple on the rain dragon earrings and the stormlight earrings makes me feel like it’s a purple version of the color.

    Does this make any sense?

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