Earring Tales: Gust Front

This color combo came out nicely. 🙂

Gust Front11

I got in a few more types of silk-finish beads, including two blues, and decided I’d put them to work.

Third row of blue in from the outer edges is actually called “bluebird blue”, BTW. It does look the part. *G*

And no, that’s no added effect with the sparkles; that’s how the light was cast through the beads when I got them at just the right angle outdoors in good sunlight. Very neat, and I’m still working out how to do it on purpose. 😉


Gust Front earrings.

4 thoughts on “Earring Tales: Gust Front

  1. Pretty.

    My brain, for reasons known only to itself, first read Gust Front as Ghost Front. Which the bunnies are convinced should be the name of some story – probably Bleach and Harry Dresden crossover. Because dealing with Shinigami or being the reincarnation of one or something is EXACTLY what Harry needs to be dealing with. Bunnies, leave the poor wizard alone. He has enough problems. Through Murphy with a zanpakuto OR being a Qunicy is an interesting image . . .

    Through given both Harry and Ichigo’s tendency to blow things up, I’m not sure any city they met in would still be standing when all was said and done.

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