Keygate Ficbit – Meeting

Red eyes fixed on him. On his gunblade. On the littles.

Damn. Going to have to move

Deliberately, the creature sat down.

Leon realized his mouth was open. Closed it, before Yuffie could notice. “Okay,” he breathed. “Yuffie? You all right?”

The ninja was rubbing her shoulder, as if she still couldn’t believe she’d only lost a shirt instead of skin. “Leon don’t hurt him it was going to stab me and I couldn’t kill it quick enough and he grabbed me right out of the way and Heartless don’t do that-!”

“Breathe,” the army guy advised her. “Um… don’t shoot Vincent, he’s scary but he’s one of the good guys… where are we? This – it can’t be Earth….”

Great. The shock was setting in. “I’m Leon. That’s Yuffie. Ask the kids who they are later. You are?”

“Sergeant Sylvester Siler,” the wrench-guy stammered. “Stargate Command… where are we?”

“Traverse Town,” Leon stated. Stargate Command? Space travel. That can get ugly. “And you’re not safe yet.”

“Safe?” Siler almost laughed. “The world just fell apart. Where’s safe?” He was looking at streets and buildings and ruins, face going paler in a way Leon had seen all too many times. The bits and pieces Traverse Town had been cobbled together from looked like what they were; pieces of wildly different worlds, and nothing like home. “This is supposed to be Daniel’s job….”

With the kind of wobble to his voice that meant whoever Daniel was, he hadn’t survived. Leon winced. “Come on, let’s get you-”

The cat-demon shuddered. Vanished, into a swirl of blue-black and lightning-

A naked man slumped to the ground.


19 thoughts on “Keygate Ficbit – Meeting

  1. And that’s a check for Vincent! Most people say Gallian Beast is wolf, not cat, so that’s interesting. I am not tracking all the way right now, so I’ll come back and comment again when coherency returns.

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  2. Yay Siler! Good to see him in a fic. I’m interested in how he met Vincent.

    I love the details you include that other writers often gloss over – like reacting to the crazy-quilt of Traverse Town.

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  3. I know I’m late to the party, but I’m just gonna take a shot in the dark and assume that last “Yeek!” was Yuffie going ‘ohgod(Hawt)nakedguy’?

    … Actually… I’m a bit out of date on my KH timeline at the nonce, how old is Yuffie here? ‘Cause I remember her being … the same whatever age Riku is – I think 14? Maybe 15 – in KH1, but this is set pre-KH1, since you noted this was originally backstory for a proper KH/SG xover.

    Better question I guess, how old are any of the characters here?

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      1. I believe that. A world built out of the surviving fragments of other worlds? Traverse Town was effectively ‘home base’ in KH1, so the games themselves never did too much with that aspect, but it always had potential.

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