Keygate Ficbit: Aeris Knows Everyone

Slender fingers touched Siler’s arm before he could yield to hysteria. “You need to sit down, and have some hot soup,” Aeris said firmly. “I’ll take care of your friends. Yuffie? Get everyone to the church. Leon and I will be right behind you.”


“Church,” Siler was muttering as Yuffie dragged him off. “Yeah. I should go more often…..”

“Be careful,” Leon said quietly, as Aeris approached the odd foursome. “They’re not acting like normal Heartless.”

“No, they aren’t, are they?” Aeris held out her hand, palm up. “I’m Aeris. I want to help your friend.”

“Vincent,” Leon told her. “Siler said his name was Vincent.”

For a moment, Aeris seemed to go perfectly still. “Vincent.”

Leon didn’t know how she did it, but he could hear the man in the name. Tall, lean; black hair flowing in the wind as he lined up shot after shot….

The cuff-bearing Shadow crept nearer. Reached up, and rested black talons in Aeris’ hand.

Leon tried not to hold his breath.

“That’s right.” Aeris’ voice was soft as chickobo down. “Take me to Vincent.”

Yellow eyes blinked at her. Carefully, the Shadow tugged, and let Aeris follow. The Gargoyle shifted her wings, making room for Aeris to kneel by the unconscious man. Even the fire pulled back… but just a little.

The healer murmured a soft prayer, hands glowing pale green with magic that sank into skin like gentle rain. Color faded back into a pale face-

Red eyes snapped open, and the man sat up in almost indecent haste. “Captain!”

Another military guy, Leon deduced, as the Shadow clumsily patted Vincent’s arm. I wonder what went wrong on your world. “Siler said your name is Vincent?”

“Sergeant Vincent Valentine. SG-6.” Red eyes looked at the Heartless first; flinched, in visible grief. Only then did he seem to take in how he wasn’t dressed. “You… saw.”

A/N: *Halo* To all those scratching their heads about Vincent’s current posting – remember a certain element of Kairi’s backstory? Hee.


23 thoughts on “Keygate Ficbit: Aeris Knows Everyone

  1. Nice to see Aeris alive somewhere.

    And of course Vincent would get up in the only organization with more potential for crazy chaos than the ones he was involved in his canon universe.

    It sounds like Stargate Command and its teams have gotten themselves into an ever bigger mess than usual. Which is really saying something.

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  2. Per wiki, best guess is that Kairi originally comes from Radiant Garden. Radiant Garden is also where most of the Final Fantasy characters come from. It was destroyed, and became Hollow Bastion.


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  3. *raises hand* Haven’t played any KH games besides 1 and 2. Could someone please point me in the direction of a wiki synopsis or Trope regarding the portion of Kari’s backstory in reference?

    Also — yeah. Vincent would wind up in the central nexus of chaos no matter what world he was born (reborn?) into. *offers cyber cookies*

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    1. The KH games are infamous for their incredibly complicated plot that sprawls over half a dozen non-numbered games.

      Kairi’s backstory is that she was originally from one world (Radient Garden) and was dropped into another when that world fell.

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      1. ‘A certain element’ could be anything. Could be that she ended up on another world after hers was destroyed. Could be that her soul ended up riding around in Sora for a little while. Could be that she’s actually a princess of heart!… Okay, probably not that last one, though that would be a pretty interesting plot twist. That’s all I can think of off the top of my head that’s Kairi specific enough to maybe be what Queen’s talking about. Though I’m certain there’s something I missed.

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      2. And her Nobody could manipulate memories. Pretty sure that means she can too. After all, Roxas, Xion, and Sora have identical power sets, or at least Roxas and Xion don’t have anything Sora doesn’t. And that is the only other set of Person and Nobody we can observe. Pretty sure anything related to Sora, his brief Heartless time, and his Nobodies is just a mess.

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      3. There’s also the thing with Aqua.

        (My brain somehow transposed Master Aqua with Master Asia, and made the bunnies grin, I’m glad I’ve probably convinced the bunnies that the thing they are currently forcing me to study is thematically a bad fit for Kingdom Hearts.)

        There’s a lotta thirty to seventy percent likely possibilities, given what we know so far. Unless there is something really obvious when one has info that was complete as of when Keygate was written.

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      4. Ah, yes. I really liked how innovative and enjoyable 1 was. That it was a crossover, and that I’m a sucker for crossovers, helped immensely.

        Then it got kudzu of the plot and things just… Yeah. Obi Wan said it best in Vathra’s RK/SW crossover: “How do you people keep anything straight without a dedicated protocol droid?”

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  4. I have never read/watched/played any of the KH series aside from the first manga volume dealing with the Nobodies. XP I look forward to being surprised! 😀 Best of luck on your writing!

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  5. Seeing a being the host of Chaos makes Vincent rather shadow resistant in his own game, he’s most likely able to totally have survived the fall of Radiant Garden and tumbled out a crack in the darkness somewhere else. Not like the SGC doesn’t totally adopt stays. Though green is not his color.

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  6. An abnormal Shadow, Gargoyle, and Fire? Alright. Don’t tell me some of SG-1 has decided to pull Sora’s trick of spending a brief period as a non-hostile Heartless. Because then I have to try and guess which is which.

    Teal’c could be the Gargoyle..? (speaking of, when are they gonna include a Gargoyles world in KH? Cause I would be willing to sell several vital internal organs for one… No one really needs two lungs, right?) Teal’c’s pretty good at the big tough guy/silent look thing, so I could see it…

    Fire… Hmm. Carter? Magic as Science so Physicist ends up a Mage Heartless, tho’ if that were the case I’d probably peg her as a Yellow Opera before a Red Nocturne…

    Shadow… I guess that leaves Daniel or O’Neill. Prrrobably Daniel before O’Neill, but that’s just cause Daniel feels like a better fit for generic Shadow than O’Neill does. After all: Shadows are generic, but they’re also sort of the foundation. Shadows are the default Heartless that occur most easily and most naturally – especially when compared to Emblem Heartless that have to be artificially produced.

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      1. I know, and I’m looking forward to it.

        Problem is, tho’ it is true that I’ve tried to avoid spoilers as best as I can, I haven’t heard anything about Gargoyles showing up in KHIII. Which is frankly a crying shame.

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