Keygate Ficbit: Waves

A few minutes more, and the wave of Darkness surged again, shifting the patterns of where Heartless were, and weren’t. And again….

By about the fourth surge-and-shift, Leon was starting to get worried. And tired. Pieces of Traverse Town had simply crumbled under refugees’ feet. Aeris’ church was still stable, and Merlin’s hut, but at least one clocktower and ancient mansion that had stood through the past two years were now so much scattered dust and splintering boards. Who knew if they’d ever be livable again. Must have been one heck of a World

And it had some very nasty flying Heartless.

Wonderful. Leon dodged over tile and thatched rooftops inches ahead of a burning red beam, playing bait as Cid jumped into position to spear it through a flashing yellow lighted top vent. But for every one they’d taken out this way, there seemed to be a half-dozen more swooping in. I hate flyers. If only we had a way to hit them from a distance

Crack. Crack. Crack.

Three disc-shaped Heartless suddenly spun out of the swarm; one disintegrating into black shreds of shadow, the other two spitting sparks.

That was a gun.

Leon had heard them now and again over the past few years. Usually just one shot, and then screaming. Sometimes two. Three, all of which had done actual damage

More shots. Moving closer.

Pulling g’s no human could survive without magic, the few remaining discs screamed back through a Dark hole in the sky.

Quiet. Leon traded a glance with Cid, listening to the wind moaning through settling debris as they got their breath back.

“Huh.” Cid lit a cigar; drew in a breath of smoke. “That was interesting.” Settling the Venus Gospel over his shoulder, the engineer waggled thick brows. “So who gets to check it out?”


5 thoughts on “Keygate Ficbit: Waves

  1. Well hi, Valentine!

    ….no, bunnies. Bad bunnies. Making FFVII valentines for next year using Vincent and his Juliet is a //BAD// idea. Back! Back I say!

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