Earring Tales: Butterscotch

This didn’t come out how I wanted.  Drat. Butterscotch8

I was trying for a yellow-to-peach gradation. The two central colors looked very different when I was stringing beads in sequence to arrange the color order. As in, they looked like they’d continue the gradation accurately. Instead, if I wanted to use all these colors, looks like I should have put the golden rose (3rd row in from the border) beyond the peach puff (first row in).

Thoughts, suggestions?


Butterscotch Earrings.



2 thoughts on “Earring Tales: Butterscotch

  1. The shinyness (it is too a word, shut up spellcheck) of the middle rows looks like a highlight – like if you had a pile of the melted butterscotch the top of which was reflecting the kitchen ceiling lights. It looks fine, even if it’s not quite what you intended.

    But yes, to get the gradation, you’re right- the lighter of the middle rows needs to be the end of the gradation.


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