Keygate Ficbit: Touchy Subject

Vincent’s gaze was distant. “A war zone… with survivors.”

“Everyone here made it through their World Falling,” Leon agreed. “We still lose people. But we lose a lot less.”


Which was the sound of someone fairly mentally tough, who’d finally hit I’m going to think about this later.

“Organized defenses, and you know what’s going on,” Vincent observed. “I would call this an improvement.”

Tough, and he has a sense of humor. Nice. “Merlin can explain it better than I can,” Leon stated, offering the gun. “Trust me, he’d love to.”

“I’ll ask.” Vincent accepted his weapon back, dark bangs casting his gaze into shadow. “So you would say I am human.”

“Yes,” Leon said bluntly. Think I just found touchy issue one. Great. “Normal? Probably not. Most people who survive to get here aren’t normal anymore. But human, yes.” He gave the gunman a level look. “If that was a problem on your world… we still get some idiots here. But most of our people have had some sense beaten into them. Anyone who helps stand up against the Heartless, is one of ours.”

Vincent fixed him with a burning gaze. “My team.”

“They stay.” Leon held his gaze, just as steady. “You might want to keep them away from the littles unless Aeris is there. Kids will be scared. Outside of that, use your own judgment.”

“I should have done that weeks ago.” Vincent looked away. “I couldn’t save them.”

Pain. Leon could hear it in quiet words. Feel it, aching in his own dark memories. “We’ve all lost a lot of people.” Rinoa. “They’re bound to you.” And you to them, if Aeris is right. “That’s more than most people save. If a Keybearer can fix things, if your World comes back… they should come back, too.”


6 thoughts on “Keygate Ficbit: Touchy Subject

      1. That shattering sound you hear would be my brain breaking under the mental image of chibi!Fire!Chaos baking cookies. BRB, need to use a Phoenix Down.

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