Keygate Ficbit: Multiversal

“The Heartless are Multiversal creatures. Fighting them has a cost.” Merlin waved a hand. “Most of those in this room have already paid it.”

“And part of you is a Heartless,” Aeris put in. And how did that happen to Galian, anyway? “You already have the Multiverse’s attention.” I don’t want to tell him. I want him to stay.

But that had to be Vincent’s decision. No matter how lonely she was.

“You can’t fight the Heartless with just physical weapons,” Leon said plainly. “You’ve been shooting them; you have to know that. They’re made from Hearts, and the only way to take them down is to use part of your own. Do that long enough, in a Multiversal place like Traverse Town… the Multiverse gives you back more than you lost. That has – consequences.”

“We call it Keying,” Merlin picked up the thread of the story. “There’s a very long, technical explanation, which I prefer to reserve for nights we’re all stricken with incurable insomnia. In essence, the energy of the Multiverse is vastly different from that of any one World. Take enough of it into your system that your Heart becomes used to it… well. You won’t be able to go home again, even if your World reforms.”

“We can evacuate the two of you to another World,” Leon offered. “We try to do that with most refugees, when we can find somewhere safe. The Castle’s a safe World, even if it is Multiversal, and Queen Minnie has spells to let people fit in on some of their linked Worlds without being noticed.” He hesitated. “But most of those worlds aren’t very technological. There’s Navigator, and the Lost Empire; you might try one of those. But… I don’t think they have shape-shifters.”

The sniper looked down. Let the Shadow lean against him, obviously comforted by his presence. “What would be best for my Team?”

Leon started. Merlin peered over his glasses at the four of them, and raised a bushy white brow. “Oh dear. I don’t think the question’s ever come up before.”

22 thoughts on “Keygate Ficbit: Multiversal

      1. >>In this case, my money’s on Aeris pulling something. Somehow. Someway.

        Really? I was thinking – since she hasn’t seemed to recognize their Hearts (in the snippets we’ve seen) – maybe they were the work of Chaos.

        I don’t know much about Chaos’s nature in FF7, nor it’s exact relationship with Vincent, but I do know that Vincent is tied to it, somehow.

        And Hearts resonate with eachother when they’re friends, probably even more so when you’re looking at the kind of close relationship the SG teams seem to breed.

        So (A) + (B) means that if the Heartless were Vincent’s team – SG6 – then I’d bet they were… accessible to Chaos, through Vincent. Certainly, Chaos would probably have had easier mystical access then Aeris… Unless she pulled something during that earlier working – the magic thing she needed Leon’s help with? That would‘ve been an opportune moment to slip something into the works…

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      2. Or she did something and didn’t know she did it. Or Chaos — er — appropriated some of her power for, shall we say, emergency use?

        Somehow, some way, Aeris is involved. ‘least that’s my guess.

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  1. So… Now we see how in your version the FF characters are not only from their original games, but why they get stuck in Radiant Garden instead of returning to their home Worlds in KH2.

    Good to know.

    I’m assuming Radiant Garden, Destiny Islands, and possibly even Twilight Town are all Multiversal places as well? That’s why natives can return to those places after fighting amongst the Worlds, that or being a Keyblade wielder makes you resistant if not necessarily immune to the effect?

    Further: oooh, sanctuary worlds. Een-terestink. I’mma assume The Lost Empire is Atlantis (which is great, I can’t help but imagine one of SGC’s strays meeting Milo Thatch and being really confused. Because this is not Daniel. Except clearly it is. …Ohgodthere’stwoofthem). No idea where Navigator is supposed to be tho’, any hints?

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  2. For Navigator…Moana? Navigation was a big part of that movie. Of course, there’s the Square-Enix side of things that could be drawn on, or with the recent Disney buyout of Fox, all THOSE properties as well.

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  3. Okay, I’m not really sure if I got this part or not, I don’t think it was very clear, but I don’t know much about Kingdom Hearts either.

    Is the reason why they can’t stay in their old worlds after they are reformed because those universes are supposed to be closed systems, or something like that?

    A multiversal entity living in such worlds would act as an opening to the greater multiverse outside, which would probably be bad. – Either because they would draw the attention of other multiversal entities; or because it will inflate or deflate the universe, by letting things in or out of their universe.

    Sort of like an idea I have been working on for awhile, where there have been consequences on a really long-term scale to the fact that conjure clean water out of nothing is a near universal and basic spell. Meanly that conjured water is just like normal water, and therefore, in no way temporary.

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      1. Ah that makes sense. As closed systems, most ordinary worlds would only draw little to no energy from the greater multiverse.

        I don’t know how you would go about finding other universes as a multiversal entity, but energy disappearing into somewhere would probably be a good clue to look for. – Sort of like looking for holes in the insulation.

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