Earring Tales: Shamrock

In time for St. Patrick’s Day!


The two sides are the same color of green in two different finishes – transparent and matte. I think it looks interesting?

It’s intriguing to me how different the crisp apple green silver-lined beads look on the edges from how they look around the central diamond of semi-matte Kelly Green. On the edge they look their true bright Granny Smith color. In the center… huh. You can see the silver-lined flash, but the color is not very distinct.

As always, more pics are available at the links.

Shamrock earrings.

Aqua Mamba earrings.

4 thoughts on “Earring Tales: Shamrock

  1. Ai! Very green. Pretty, but, well. Green. And I like green. This is like, the Hulk of earrings? Maybe She-Hulk, controlled but green. I really should not be given the internet when Iā€™m this tired.

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