Keygate Ficbit: The Power of Names

“Part of what makes them human is missing right now. Galian has his own name, and that helps you deal with him better, doesn’t it? Maybe their Heartless would be helped by new names, too.”

Not to mention, it might help you, Leon thought. He caught Merlin’s frown, and gave him a quiet nod. Aeris’ grasp of magic was more intuitive than a wizard’s, but they both knew their healer usually knew what she was doing.

“I’ll… consider it,” Vincent said at last. “For now, where should we go?”

Mischief glinted under Merlin’s bushy eyebrows. “Nowhere, for the moment,” he chuckled. “I believe someone wishes to thank you.”

Leon shot the old wizard a look. Merlin only smiled, and waved his wand at the door. “In with you, now, don’t dawdle.”

Heavy wood swung away from Yuffie’s fist, still raised to knock; she shook it at Merlin instead. “No fair! How am I supposed to be a ninja if you always know it’s me?”

“As one Master Splinter might say, practice harder.” The wizard tilted his head, the tip of his pointed hat tilting as he peered behind the girl. “Well, now. You did want to meet him properly, didn’t you?”

Crimson widened, alarmed. But Aeris was right there, a gentle hand resting on his leather glove. “It’ll be all right. You’ll see.”

Wary, two girls and a massive puppy peered out from behind Yuffie. Leon had to hide a chuckle, seeing the youngsters’ own magic at work. It might not look like much, but it’d saved the Scooby Gang time and again. Give them anything to hide behind, even a lamppost, and they were as invisible as the ninja Yuffie wanted to be. It even worked against Heartless. Most of the time. “Daphne. Velma. Scooby. Good to see you.”

20 thoughts on “Keygate Ficbit: The Power of Names

  1. *perks* Splinter? Scooby-Doo? Ooooh, this is why I love crossovers!

    …and no wonder Jack’s going to want to kill you. It’s ‘90s Saturday morning cartoon madness! The puns will practically write themselves!

    BRB, trying to distract the bunnies hopping for Jack meets Sonic the Hedgehog (from the cartoon that didn’t take itself serious).

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      1. I kind of like how he saves the girl, too– rather than the more common “she swings in and picks him up and…um…fade to black!” thing, it makes more dramatic sense. Silly to have the super fast main character only a distraction.

        Another good intro, as far as setting the scene goes:

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      2. I keep trying to post the link, and WordPress keeps eating it. Oi.

        The Sonic show I was thinking of was the //other// Sonic television show which aired at the time. The one with Doc Robotnick as an ineffectual comedic villain, his bumbling robot rooster and robot mole (Scratch and something?), and over the top cartoon physics that weren’t the least bit realistic.

        …granted, speed of sound hedgehog. Reality is rather firmly on vacation with the very concept.

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