Keygate Ficbit: Aeris Plots, Part II

“Who are you?” Vincent went on, just as mild.

Aeris broke into a grin, wide enough to make Leon nervous. That was one of Aeris’ schemes about to thump someone over the head with flowers and a picnic basket. What in the worlds was Aeris planning? And when had she ever found time to set it up?

“Who am I?” Yuffie’s arms spread in mock indignation. “I am the ninja princess! Scourge of evil, defender of the planet, the white rose of Wutai!” She whirled, presenting the names like a thrown gauntlet. “I am Yuffie Kisaragi!

Vincent leaned forward in his chair, ruby gaze somehow softer. “Hello, Yuffie.”

Aeiris let out a relieved breath, one fist clenching in hidden triumph.

Corner her later, Leon decided. Something had Aeris giddy as a cat with cream, and he wanted to know what-

“Are you going to be her knight?” Velma asked suddenly.

The man who would always be Rinoa’s Knight froze. What the-?

“Excuse me?” Vincent’s tone was quiet, without any hint of threat. Spooky all the same, with black fire clinging to him and a Gargoyle and Shadow lurking by his chair.

Velma drew herself up to her full eight-year-old height, straightening her glasses with a scholar’s air. “Princesses are supposed to have knights to help them fight the monsters.” Grownups are so slow, her prim tone said. “But Yuffie’s a ninja princess. She can’t have one of those clanky idiots in armor. You look like you know how to sneak.” she grinned. “And you already saved her from the monsters.”

“Velma!” Yuffie was bright red.

“Re did,” Scooby chortled. “Right for the Rincess!”

Vincent blinked. Cast a subtle glance Leon’s way, that all but shouted, did that dog just talk?

27 thoughts on “Keygate Ficbit: Aeris Plots, Part II

  1. Kids are amazing. And child logic at its finest is definitely a thing to see. I’m grinning so hard over here. A sneaky Knight to go with a sneaky Princess.

    And I love how communication is still hard. Because ‘Knight’ means something totally different then what it means to Velma. And only some of that is because of age.

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  2. Thanks.

    Unusable, completely unusable, crackfic bunny I’m attempting to exorcise by sharing. A Certain Origen of the Species. Something from Sil’s race shows up in Academic City using magic based on an early Church theologian.

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    1. Origen composed super-fast. (Part of what caused him problems, maybe, because he just threw ideas around without worrying about their implications.) If you were living in his time, and your magic was based on his work, you’d be sitting there with a whole freaking grimoire/scroll library of magic, not just a spellbook.

      On the one hand, very loosey-goosey on “But really this means that.”

      On the other hand, very strict. (In his book on the Lord’s Prayer, he’s a proponent of “If you are unworthy to petition the King, or if you are praying for something unworthy, you will just be ignored. Possibly with prejudice.” Hopefully this is not what he taught rank beginners and repentant sinners, and it was guaranteed to give you scruples if you took that section too seriously.)

      Origen. A mind like a bag full of monkeys. Only St. Augustine has more ADHD.

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  3. >Vincent blinked. Cast a subtle glance Leon’s way, that all but shouted, did that dog just talk?>
    Don’t worry Vincent, give it a little time and you’ll be so used to the madness and insanity of this place that ‘normality’ will be meaningless to you.

    …..Wait. That’s a bad thing isn’t it?

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      1. No, no, no! The talking dog would be “Tuesday” if its eyes glowed first and it spoke with a voice with tons of bass reverb — that’s just Another Werid Alien/Goa’uld Thing.

        A (ordinary-looking) dog talking WITHOUT “benefit of Goa’uld” or signs of Yet Another Ancient Experiment That Didn’t Get Cleaned Up, now THAT’s weird.

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      1. >That will be part of the problem later, yes. >
        Ah yes. Aside from the whole ‘Seen/experienced too much = Can’t go home again.’ aspect given his home world/story, Vincent is going to have to deal with the revived/rescued people that will be thinking he’s compromised/mind-zapped by aliens etc.

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  4. now would be a good time to introduce the girls to ‘Utena’ an alternative take on the princess and knight theme…

    after all, in modern world of today, having only a male knight is sexist

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      1. Lady Knight is pretty cool (though didn’t she walk off with Hero and Demon Queen in the end after they brought about peace between the two worlds?). Utena probably better fits in a worlds as stories though, even if it gets weird. Maoyu seems very much a world where the protagonists are trying to AVERT the stories, or at least the surface level tropes of their story. Granted, that can be a story in and of itself, but I’m not sure Maoyu would really fit…granted, Hero would probably be one of the few people overpowered enough to match Xenonaught in a pure grunt power/skill.

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      1. Not really. You just need a male who has a heart of Pure Light. The Princesses are female mainly to be counterparts to Xehanort as the embodiment of darkness (a prince if you will). The Princesses are fragments of the X-Blade when it shattered in the Keyblade War.

        There are any number of males with incorruptible pure pureness in anime, tv shows and gaming. The fact that you can be a Keyblade Master AND a Princess of Heart (see Kairi) means that its not even a ‘non-action role’. It just means that the male is a the mcguffin rather than the female, for the purpose of summoning Kingdom Hearts. (If we are sticking to Disney and Square-Enix, Noctis from FFXV probably counts as the True King of Light, though Lunafraya as the Orcale probably fits the narrative trope better).

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      2. Also, point of order, we know Kairi can be a Keyblade /wielder/. We don’t yet know for certain she can be a master. There’s no reason to think she can’t, but as far as I can tell from the wiki, we don’t actually know it yet.

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  5. Utena would be interesting…though its been so long since I saw the actual show that my take on Utena and Anthy’s characters has been permanently coloured by Symphony of the Sword(which remains excellent).

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  6. Blargh, been meaning to write this particular comment for a while, but… RL is occasionally horrible.

    Something in this bit stood out to me right away the first time I read it:

    >>“I am the ninja princess! Scourge of evil, defender of the planet, the white rose of Wutai!”

    Okay. I’ve never actually played FF7. But I’m gonna take an educated guess (I’d prefer to use the phrase ‘shot in the dark’ here, it’s got a nice level of meta-humor to it, but it’s just not accurate… *sigh*) and assume that at some point in-game Yuffie introduced herself… if not exactly like that then in a manner that’s very similar.

    Here’s the thing: how i is she referencing Wutai?

    I don’t buy that’s an error on your part, Aerith is too gleeful for me to trust that, but Wutai – I’d assume – died with Planet. Aerith and Leon remember, but most of Aerith’s friends were reincarnated and scattered across the Worlds and the impression I got from

    >>Though apparently time had gone a bit funny when she and Chaos had tossed souls across the Multiverse; Yuffie and Cid had been reborn years before Aeris herself had dropped in on Radiant Garden.

    was that this Yuffie (and Cid, for that matter) was like this Vincent. Yes, it’s the same person. Sort of. But they don’t remember Planet. That was – literally – another lifetime. The fact that Yuffie doesn’t seem to recognize Vincent lends credence to this interpretation.

    But. But, but, but… If she doesn’t remember Planet, and Wutai Fell with Planet, why does she mention Wutai?

    I’m assuming this has something to do with Aerith’s plans & shenanigans™. If I had to take a shot in the dark (THERE it is!) then I’d assume that Yuffie’s mentioning Wutai here was an… echo, I’d call it, of their shared past and adventures. That Vincent’s presence maybe wasn’t waking up the memories of Yuffie of Planet, but maybe Vincent resonated with them.

    I mean- this is Kingdom Hearts. Odder things have when it comes to memories.


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