Keygate Ficbit: Fragile Shells

The flash bomb was more of a whoomp than a bang, but it did the job.

Vincent rose from his chair, crouching again to pick up a fragment of eggshell from where the kids had been. “Old-fashioned nageteppo,” he observed. “Ninja eggshell bomb. I’ve only read about these in odd history books.”

Aeris’ brows shot up, and she laughed. “No wonder she wanted to help with breakfast!”

“Eggshell bombs?” Leon muttered. “Huh.” Yuffie was no engineer, but she was showing a definite knack for improvising.

“She wants to be a ninja so much,” Aeris went on. “I’ve told her every story I remember, but you actually know what she made.” She gave the sniper a look that mixed pleading and challenge. “I think you could teach each other a lot.”

Vincent stiffened. “She’s very young.”

“Not as young as you think,” Leon shrugged. “She’s been fighting Heartless almost since we got here.” Whether I like it or not. So she’d damn well better be trained for it. “What’s the real problem?”

The sniper winced. “You trust too much.”

“Young man,” Merlin tapped his fingertips together, “I am quite capable of binding a Behemoth in its tracks, not to mention any number of less gentle spells. So I assure you, we do not. Yuffie is young, yes. But she also has a fair amount of experience with magical beasts and Limit Breaks. If you fear Galian or your Red Cloak could harm her… well. You’d have to do it deliberately. And you are simply not that sort of man.”

10 thoughts on “Keygate Ficbit: Fragile Shells

    1. Even then, if your int stat isn’t high enough, it’ll just slough it off. Or your accuracy isn’t up to par. Or… Look there’s a reason I grind insanely early in games, ok?

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      1. Yep! The best full video representation we have of Behemoths, they’re bigger than a four story office building – so big that if one were involved in a head on collision with a fully loaded cargo Semi, the truck is coming off the definite looser in this confrontation. They get used as living seige engines in the intro video of FF11 and the defensive response is ice magic to drop essentially entire icebergs on them – and that city got crushed. It didn’t work.

        Some of them can turn in visible and cast meteo. Final fantasy Eccologies: really the only sane response is gibbering in terror. Also, they make Dragons as an apex predator make sense.

        This is the kind of thing that made the development of Limit Breaks a survival tactic. Would love to see Stargate!Vincent and Team’s reaction to learning about it.

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  1. …dang it. Now my bunnies have KH!Merlin sitting down to tea and crumpets with Seven Deadly Sins!Merlin to discuss tactics, magic, etc. *tries to nudge bunny off ankle*

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