Keygate Ficbit: Kinds of Memory

Merlin took off his glasses to polish them, though the lenses’ enchantments ensured they rarely needed it. Best to give the young shape-shifter a chance to compose himself. “I dare say that’s the one thing that makes me believe he was telling you the truth. Few enough of those with mystical training have any idea what Void is. Axel shows signs of direct exposure.” Merlin placed his glasses back on his nose. “Specifically, someone used it with all the grand subtlety of a sledgehammer several years ago to create the effects of amnesia.”

“An amnesia spell?” Vincent leaned forward, intent. “He really doesn’t remember.”

“I’m surprised Axel can even walk,” Merlin said gravely. “And no, not an amnesia spell. That would be relatively simple to undo. Void isn’t like the other elements. It’s nothingness.  Neither Dark nor Light, and highly resistant to interference by either. An ordinary amnesia spell would hide memories, or reshape them. This obliterated memories.” He paused, deliberately. “Almost.”

Vincent was scarcely breathing. Aeris put her hand near his, close enough he could feel the warmth of her skin. “Lea’s very stubborn, isn’t he?”

“And he apparently had some knowledge of how memory truly works,” Merlin agreed. “Given the level of magical instruction on your original world, he must have been working half on instinct. I can only imagine how determined he must have been, to concentrate even as he felt his memories disintegrating….”

Gripping the chair arm, Vincent’s knuckles were pale.

Not helping, old man, Merlin chided himself. “In essence, there are many different kinds of memory. Whatever Xemnas wanted Axel for, Lea must have realized Xemnas wanted him alive. And that gave him the chance to protect something, if not all of himself.”


5 thoughts on “Keygate Ficbit: Kinds of Memory

  1. … *sigh* I repeat:

    Xemnas you’re an absolute tool. You make Shishio Makoto look like a kind and loving leader. By comparison you make Kayaba Akihiko look honest and truthful and Sugou Noboyuki appear generous. Emperor Palpatine finds you an admirable and brilliant example of manipulative that he himself aspires to equal and Fire Lord Ozai has posters of you in his room. The Red Skull feels you’re a shining beacon of morality, and the Joker would like to buy you a beer. Aizen Sousuke thinks you’re an excellent scientist and Uchiha Madara wishes he could be half as stubbornly tenacious as you.

    Xemnas: you are an absolute coat hanger. I hope you drown in a house fire or burn to death in a flood, so your death will be both painful and ironic. Everyone in this room is now a worse person for having known you. I award you no points and may God have mercy on your soul.


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