Post-NaNo Update: Scene Grinding

Currently working on what I hope is the last scene in the rough draft of Leatherbound. It’s tricky, and has been taking a few days already. I need to both let the characters emotionally wind down from the last crises they’ve been through, and hopefully neatly tie up (almost) all the loose ends.

“Almost”, because, well, sequel hooks. 😉 The bunnies have already hit me with two more possible punny titles. Plot, ha, they snicker at me for; but I’ll take the titles. Who knows?

So. Write some. Script some. Flesh out script. Pause and ponder what bit should come next. Repeat.

I wanted to have the rough done last week. I’m hoping to at least finish it this coming week. 🙂

After “the end”, it’ll be collapse for a few days. Hopefully after that the bunnies will settle on what they want for a next idea to write! They’ve already ambushed me with no less than seven.

Part of the problem getting any one idea in particular to settle is, I’d like to do something more upbeat. But nothing I write seems to come out fluffy! So… still thinking.


8 thoughts on “Post-NaNo Update: Scene Grinding

  1. I thought I had an example handy of a story I have designed as lighthearted fluff, that functions that way for me, that is still fairly dark in some ways. Checking my notes, I’m not seeing any outright comedies on the to-do list. I’m fairly sure I had designed some, but perhaps my bad mood is causing me to misremember the designs on the to-do list.

    The comedy that plays most of Eva’s tragedies for laughs isn’t on the to-do list, in part because it is very AU, I need the notes to pull off the jokes, and I don’t have monitors on the computers the notes are on.


  2. Out of curiosity, how much do you solely focus on one work at a time? You’ve recently mentioned both Leatherbound and Pearls of Fire, so I imagine you’ve been chipping away at both. From what I can tell Leatherbound is in the rough draft phase (I mean, you said that in this post, so yay me, I can read things), while Pearls is more in the concepts-and-bits phase. So I suspect Leatherbound has been your priority, while Pearls has been more of a mental-break-while-the-bunnies-get-coffee project. And once you move on to the next phase of Leatherbound, will you focus more on that or will you continue to do two projects side by side, one in a more advanced phase than the other?

    (For the record, I sympathize with the inability to write fluff. Me no can do. At all.)

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    1. It depends on how terribly busy I am. Lately RL has crushed my good writing time to the point I’ve had to focus almost completely on Leatherbound to keep forward momentum going so I don’t end up with an unfinished draft.

      Pearl of Fire is actually in first-draft stage – I got about 1/3 of the way through the first major round of edits before I had to devote all my time to Leatherbound. I plan to go back to editing it after Leatherbound is roughed, because rough drafts need at least a month of Not Looking At Them (no, not at all) if you really want to come back to them with fresh eyes to edit them properly.

      My current plan is 1) Finish Leatherbound rough. 2) Collapse writing-wise for a couple days while brain reboots. 3) Pick up editing Pearl of Fire and see if I can start another project. Not sure exactly which other project, yet, although there’s one fanfic one I really want to do when I have energy. There’s also at least 7 origfic ideas I’m poking to see which the bunnies want to go after first.

      Most of the time I find I work best if I’m actively writing one thing and editing another. Uses two different parts of the brain. 🙂

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  3. Good to hear it’s overall going well. As for writing fluff… I dunno if this helps, but I’ve always felt your work was at it’s fluffiest when the focus of a scene or moment was about affirmation, specifically of positive emotional relationships. Like… The moment Akatsuki and Naotsugu share after fishing Shiroe out of the river in Dislocation; Xander realizing Kenshin still isn’t comfortable with his new Hanyou instincts and inviting him to puppy wrestle in Ethan Rayne’s Very Bad Day; or like the entire aftermath of the fight with the B3 Super Battle Droid and loot drop resources acquisition from the damaged mall in Change of Fate, Kazuto’s parents accepting him and recognizing how much he’s not who he used to be; Morgan, Alan, and Aladdin just being there for eachother, after freeing Aladdin, when escorting the students in the Dungeon, and parkouring together… What Comes Around actually may be one of my favorites for ‘fluff’ from you: rescuing and reassuring Maria, Simon’s sheer joy at Baal’s Dungeon, and his calm acceptance of ‘okay, let’s do it again. This is how those kids we care about’, Malachy’s perspective after the dragon of kitty-Morgan and singed and confused fire-mouse Alan, Tiburon’s explanation of why no one else is sparring with Alan yet – because everything Tiburon says is well and true, but don’t tell me he wasn’t bragging just a little bit on Alan’s behalf, and even standing up for our favorite King Candidate to Morgan’s cousins – or Malachy’s calm acceptance and reassurances for Alan when they first meet and Malachy can tell Alan’s deeply uncomfortable… I need to cut myself off before I gush too much longer. Suffice to say I can find moments like those throughout your works, just about every fic and each of the original works I’ve read has at least one moment like that, *glances above* often times several.

    Those are the moments from your writing that most embody ‘fluff’ for me. Maybe they’re not always fluffy in the sense fandom traditionally means when the term is tossed around, but the warm and positive feelings those moments instill in me… THAT is what ‘fluff’ gives me when it’s at its best. Acceptance, love, optimism, hope.

    It may be just my opinion, but I think you’re excellent at writing fluff… Your way.

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  4. I feel like there’s a lot of different kinds of fluff out there. Some kinds of fluff are like those lightweight fuzzy blankets: nice and soft to touch, but don’t make very good cold-weather gear. Then there’s the kind of fluff that is like a down sleeping bag: it’s not fluffy in the traditional sense but it will keep you nice, warm and toasty in that sub-zero weather.

    Your fluff is a lot more like fluff in a down sleeping bag. It’s not what people automatically think of as fluff, but once the fluff gets going, it’s effect works very well, both for the characters and the readers. It doesn’t feel “cheap” or “temporary”.

    Like, “Taka” felt like a fluffy book by the end even though there’s plenty of stuff in there that is not fluff.

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