Easter Greetings

Happy Easter, everyone!


A few fun facts you may not know. For one, green-cut bamboo, though it looks sturdy as the older stems, is in fact very fragile. To the point it can break under its own weight.  See below.

Green bamboo

Also, despite the ticks, fleas, tourists, sharks, bears, alligators, and mosquitoes carrying West Nile Virus, not everything down South wants to munch on you. Some of it can be munched on instead.

Stachys floridana2

This is Stachys floridana, sometimes called rattlesnake plant or wood betony; a local relative of Stachys affinis, AKA “Chinese artichoke”.  Like its trendy Asian kinfolk, it’s quite edible, raw or cooked. Personally I’d cook it, given my druthers. Because cooking raw stuff in the Southeast is a survival habit. 😉

It’s also pretty, so. 🙂

12 thoughts on “Easter Greetings

  1. Pretty! Meanwhile, halfway up the coast, we’re sort of overcast and really embracing the idea of ‘wet spring.’ But it could be worse. That rain could be snow.

    Bring on the sunshine!

    Happy Easter to you!

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  2. I think cooking plants is also more likely to dis-activate some of the toxins than it is to activate them, so not a bad idea more generally. If you can afford the fuel.

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  3. Does green-cut bamboo mean that which is still green, or that which was cut while it was green?

    It sounds like the latter and looks like it could be the former, but it’s one of those details that seem like they’d be Useful At Some Point so I wanna get it straight.

    And happy Easter.

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