Earring Tales: 3-D Sparkle

This is really an experiment.

3D Sparkle1

Got the instructions for these out of a book. The instructions are actually wrong at one specific point. I was able to figure out where they were wrong while zipping the first earring together and noted a possible fix that I was able to use on the second earring. I was right. So the two earrings are not an exact match.

Also, this project uses doubled 6-pound Fireline, which is very difficult to make multiple passes with. So when I ran short on line due to overestimating how much I had in relation to what needed to be stitched… it’s awkward. Tried to hide the knot of added line well.

Also, photographing something 3-D and sparkly is not the easiest thing!

All in all, these qualify as practice pieces. Might do another set now that I have the bugs worked out… but probably going to do some simpler earrings first.

13 thoughts on “Earring Tales: 3-D Sparkle

    1. “So… I just wear both earrings and say the command word…”

      “And you shapeshift into a chameleon, yes.”

      “…right. And how do I change back?

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  1. I know this would be a change for you, but… Would it be possible for you to put a size reference for your earrings in the pictures? Like a penny or quarter, maybe? I have a sister who loves sparkly earrings and I’ve thought about getting some of yours for her as birthday gifts, but she engages in a lot of sports and athletic stuff so she can’t wear huge earrings for safety reasons.

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