Earring Tales: Sky Shimmers

Hmm. I think I’m going to need to get better at photography.

Sky Sparkle to scale

It was a little easier to pull off this design the third time, but it’s still a lot of focused concentration, to the point I need to put the project down every so often (probably more often!) to reduce eyestrain.

Maybe if I hang them on a branch or something… people first looking at the pics say they need to be able to see more of the earring to be sure there is, in fact, a third side.

Any suggestions?

Sky Shimmers Earrings.



5 thoughts on “Earring Tales: Sky Shimmers

  1. Tree branch might work, or taking the picture from the side or from a 3/4 view?

    You’d need a larger background mat for a clean background, of course.

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  2. It feels almost like you don’t want them resting on the card-stock they are inserted into because they aren’t flat like your previous earring designs. Currently it feels like they are resting on something instead of hanging and their alignment feels “off” because of that maybe.

    From the limited views I have of them, it seems what you could consider doing is hanging them on a stiff wire (coat-hanger?) and resting the wire on top of two stacks of equal height with the earrings hanging between the stacks. Then just stick a sheet of white card-stock behind the earrings so they’re on a neutral background when you take the picture. Then you would at least have them hanging straight down which might help make them look more 3D.

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