Keygate Ficbit: Sora vs. Riku

“Riku’s a very stubborn young man, with one of the strongest talents for using Darkness cleanly I’ve ever seen,” Merlin said firmly. “We’ll warn him, yes. But recall that Riku was possessed, not split apart. His Heart always remained intact, and His Majesty believes Riku has flattened what remains of Xehanort quite thoroughly.” He sighed. “Now, Sora is in very real danger. Not immediate danger, I hope. The last time, Xehanort only took over a body when his own had been destroyed-”

Vincent raised an eyebrow. “And what do you think Sora will do to Xemnas, if he catches him?”

“Ah. Yes.” Merlin had the decency to look embarrassed.

Embarrassed about Sora, when Axel has been carrying a mystical target? Vincent’s eyes narrowed. “Axel had a Keychain.”

“Has,” Merlin stated with satisfaction. “Likely since it first came to him. The energies do leave traces, if you know what to look for.”

“Has,” Vincent echoed in disbelief. “He’s had a Keychain near a Keybearer’s Nobody, for almost nine years, and Xemnas never noticed?”

“A Keyblade Master’s Nobody,” Merlin corrected him. “And no. I doubt Xemnas noticed a thing. I did tell you I had unusual results. And there is one scenario in which even a Keyblade Master can’t sense a Keychain.” He chuckled. “And won’t that be one in the eye for old Yen Sid? Facts, man! Get your facts. Then build your theories.”

Aeris wiped her eyes, but she was smiling. “He just would break the laws of the Multiverse.”

Vincent looked between them, resting a hand on Keys’ shoulder when she crept closer for comfort. The only time a Keybearer couldn’t sense a Keychain was when it was in the hands of a…. “Axel?”

6 thoughts on “Keygate Ficbit: Sora vs. Riku

  1. *whistles innocently*

    Why, no, I didn’t go look up a Axel’s TV Trope page and find an //interesting// spoiler or two. And butter wouldn’t melt in my mouth.

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  2. I have a somewhat vague idea of Kingdom Hearts. In it, I know of two odd job descriptions, with no idea which could hide a key blade on them- Key Bearer/Master, and a Princess of Heart. While I realize that, in relation to Axel, it’s probably the first, the latter has this WTF factor that should not be underestimated…

    The images, oh my…

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