Keygate Ficbit: Hot Chocolate

Tired. So damn tired.

Leaning against a cliff wall well away from the spaceport, Axel rubbed his eyes. You could only keep going on Potions and Ethers so long. Sooner or later, even a Nobody’s body had to crash.

Sneak into town, grab some real food… their security system still glitches on Nobodies, I can blank the video feeds so the Committee never lays eyes on me-

Is that chocolate?

There are some things no man or Nobody was meant to resist. A double-chocolate chip cookie on a napkin, sitting on a small rock in plain view, was one of them.

Um. Obvious trap?

Then again, he wasn’t smelling any magic besides a little housewife-charm on the napkin to persuade ants to picnic elsewhere. And Vexen’s idea of proper experimental meals had made him pretty much immune to any mere food-based poison.

Besides. Chocolate. Sure, there were plenty of poisoned foods across the Worlds. Maleficent and her apples, Rasputin and his wine, and who knew what Ursula had done to poor, innocent sushi. But chocolate? Tamper with that, and you’d have half the Multiverse – Heroines and Villainesses – after your hide. It just wasn’t worth it.

With a mental shrug, Axel nabbed, and munched.

Oooh man. Hot!

Immune to poison, Axel decided, plucking a bottle of water out of subspace, did not mean immune to habanero.

A/N: Someone please tell me if there’s a good way to make gluten-free cookies with habanero….

23 thoughts on “Keygate Ficbit: Hot Chocolate

  1. I can’t decide if that’s mean or ingenious. I am rather found of chili powder in a dark chocolate bar, or of one particular piece of dark chocolate with caramel inside that had been hot spiced, but I don’t think I’ve spent much time with habenaro. On the other hand I just realized I was thinking of jalepeño, so it might not be what I’m thinking about.

    This reminds me of the first book in the Truthseeker series, where there’s a country where the ruler/antagonist has cursed the country so that all red food was poisonous. And I mean apples and raspberries and anything that grows up to be red. Tomatoes really were a deadly poison.

    When a character went to another country to look for the vernable wizard chased out years ago, she nearly rips the main character apart for offering her an apple.

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  2. Orvan mentioned making some Carolina Reaper flavored brownies over at According To Hoyt. The technique of soaking the peppers in alcohol, and mixing that into the batter may work.

    I’m afraid I am not a great hands on chemist, and am not a great or practiced cook. Some of my favorite homemade gluten free cookies are a no-bake recipe that I don’t think I have.

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  3. It’s really going to depend what your binders and flours are, honestly. Though I can think of a few things to use if you used dried habonero lightly. The problem with using the alcohol soak is it works better for cake/muffin type breads, cookies you would probably have it seperate out from the dough as it bakes.

    *ponders* Actually, you could use it with the sugar dusting on top. Might not get the “ah, hot” in one bite, but it would blend a lot better with the cookie. Or chunk up fresh, make sure it’s not wet(the best way would be to put just a little bit of your flour in with it and mix it up) then top the cookies before they go in the oven.

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  4. Given I have the heat tolerance of an ice cube, my first thought was, “Areis! How could you be so evil and ruin an otherwise excellent cookie!”

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    1. Mine too! Intellectually I know people like hot peppers in chocolate, but personally – augh, no. Not the kind of hot chocolate I was picturing!

      Glad he got a cookie though.

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  5. I’m not a fan of peppers, myself, but I looked into your request because I was curious. I did find a nifty gluten free cookie recipe ( ) but nothing with specific peppers added to it.

    I think that the best way to add the peppers would depend of what texture you want in the flavor. You could dry and grind them, then add the resulting powder to the flour with the other dry ingredients. As long as everything is mixed thoroughly it would provide an even flavor. If you prepare an alcohol based tincture of the peppers (either vodka or everclear would work well) then add it to your batter in the way you would add an extract the flavor may come out a little lighter and more smooth.

    Of course, if your cookie recipe calls for the butter you use to be melted, or for an oil to be used, you’re golden. Then you can set up your butter or oil ahead of time and steep your peppers in it. In the cookie recipe I found, the best bet would be to slice the peppers and add them to the butter while you’re making the brown butter mix. The oils from the pepper will add to the butter, then you can dice the resulting grilled pepper and just mix it in with the chocolate chips for added kick.

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  6. To be fair to Axel, I would have succumbed to a chocolate trap too. Haven’t tried it myself, but I’d posit that adding either the seeds by themselves to a cookie recipe or putting whole peppers in the food processor and adding the result to the dough as a wet ingredient would work. Probably. GF recipes have a reputation for being rather cantankerous and usually dry, but I’ve made several types with great success. Maybe I’m just weird.

    Then again, my husband claims that I’m weird because I can’t handle spicy food. Eh.

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  7. As someone who regularly cooks with sweet potatoe and peppers (though not /quite/ Habenero), I could suggest finding a gluten free sweetpotato-chocolate chip cookie recepie and adding a portion of finely minced peppers.
    …now I want to try it, hum.

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  8. The main issue with using fresh peppers is they have liquid. And adding liquid to a cookie/baker’s recipe is always a balancing act. Even worse with gluten free flours, as a lot of them have to have a certain level of acidity and liquid to properly bind. Ah, Baking, the most chemistry focused set of courses I’ve ever taken.

    I would imagine that the cookies Axel got mixed habenaro powder in the chocolate used in the dough, or used chocolate/chili chips. Which, if you only have fresh peppers, might be the easiest way, mince, strain out seeds, melt down with chocolate and let it set and chop it up. Muffins and brownies are a lot more forgiving, thankfully.

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