Keygate Ficbit: Cookies

Warily, Axel followed the trail, tucking cookies away in a subspace pocket while he kept nibbling on the first. Hungry, yes. Stupid, no.

A dozen cookies later, there was a note with the last. I’d like to talk.

Glancing out of the corners of his eyes, Axel spotted a bit of tattered red cloth peeping around the edge of a boulder. “So talk.”

“Chaos said you preferred to keep solid rock between you and an unknown.”

A rich voice, that seemed to wrap around Axel’s ears and twitch, you’ve heard this before. He tucked the last cookie away, tense. “Chaos?”

“You warned him not to close with Xemnas.”

Oh. The big guy. Huh. “So where is he?” Axel asked warily. “He didn’t go after Xemnas after all, did he?” ‘Cause that would just suck.


Axel snorted. “You kidding? I’m a Nobody.” Though he wondered. Sometimes, he wondered. “It’d just be a waste. I warned him.”

“He listened,” the not-familiar voice said firmly. “He has a very good hiding place.”

Ooookay. “You got a name?”

A resigned chuckle. “Yuffie calls me Vinnie. Sometimes.” More soberly, “You warned Chaos about Xemnas. But not about Saïx.” Quieter, “Or what might be lurking in Sora, to turn the tide for evil when we least expect it.”

Axel took a step back, hands out and ready to summon at his sides. Behind rock, nothing; all he had to do was angle the throw right. “What do you know?”

“I’m on the Restoration Committee. Chaos is – a friend. With the information you gave us, Merlin was able to scry for some daunting information.” A breath. “Xemnas is placing fragments of himself in other Nobodies?”

A/N: Hoping to write up a review for Amagi Brilliant Park next time, it’s just been a hectic few days….


8 thoughts on “Keygate Ficbit: Cookies

  1. Y’know, it didn’t occur to me until just now, but Chaos is very… Well, ‘fiendish’, as Merlin put it. However Chaos is – if he’s aligned with anything – well chaos, and not truly a representative of more infernal groups. Kingdom Hearts already has a ‘fiendish’ entity you fight in the very first game with a great deal of visual similarity to Chaos – and that’s Chernabog.

    Hilariously, some of the visual similarity could maybe be traced back to Fantasia being fairly iconic. So Chernabog may actually have been an inspiration, on inspiration for an inspiration, or share an inspiration with Chaos’ design.

    Either way, while the funnyness of this is tied back to Chaos and Chernabog having two very different source materials that happen to cross over, the fact is that Chernabog was totally a boss fight in Kingdom Hearts. So that means the two share a continuity.

    I have to wonder, is the similarity more than visual? Is Chernabog a being not unlike Chaos – perhaps even of a shared species – but aligned with Darkness? Or is the visual all there truly is?

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  2. Re: Amagi. I got ticked off with Shoji Gatoh over what I’ve heard about how he ended Full Metal Panic. What I thought I was following, in hindsight, probably would not be marketable in Japan. I’m not extremely ticked with Gatoh, but last time I checked Amagi it didn’t make a huge impression on me.


  3. I’d recommend a fanfic for u.Harry potter and the Shipgirls on sufficient WARNING:DOORSTOPPER! Any fic that has 200+ twenty thousand-word canon chapters(not including omake/ sidestories)….


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