Earring Tales: 3D Photo Experiments

Trying some different ways of hanging up the 3D earrings to get better pictures. These are some of my best images so far.

3D Amethyst in3D 4

And the Sky Sparkles. 🙂

Sky Sparkle 3D 3

So… comments, suggestions? Room for improvement?

I have to say it’s harder to take pictures of the 3D earrings. One of their main awesome points in person is they easily move and sparkle. Trying to take a picture of them, though, when you need them to stay still…. *Wry G*


8 thoughts on “Earring Tales: 3D Photo Experiments

  1. A design for a light box (or similar) comes to mind. I’m not sure it is a light box, because I don’t know how that is defined.

    Three orthogonal squares of white cardboard joined at the edges. Basically gives you three faces of a cube surrounding a common corner. There are three corners of the sides that are opposite the shared corner. Consider the two that are not on the ground. Take two identical lengths of fishing line. Attach one with one end to the corner of one side, and the other end to the top of the other side very near that corner. Attach the other line the same but mirrored. Both lines should have extra length, so they have a dip (catenary) hangs down some.

    I haven’t done the math, but my intuition is that with the right or near right dimensions, this will hang the two earrings close together. It may be reasonably still if the system isn’t moving and there are no environmental sources of vibrations.

    That said, if you want to use it outside, and have unpredictable wind, or it is windy, you might want to build it sturdy with a heavy base plate. Quite possibly there’s a better design for this on the internet where a search engine can find it.

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  2. Shop photography is a PITA. These look really good to me, but if you have Photoshop/GIMP/etc, I would recommend adjusting the background to be slightly darker to make the earrings pop more. You have such good control of making the earrings in focus with the background blurry, I’m jealous! I usually end up doing that in PS, which doesn’t look as good as the real thing 🙂

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  3. Those are actually really good pictures. The difference in color between the background and the earrings does an excellent job of making them really, clearly visible and the natural light is doing all sorts of wonderful things for detail and sparkle. Even if you end up working with greens that won’t stand out as much, that could be fixed with a simple drape of fabric behind them, or using a jewelry tree against the patio table.

    The point of the pictures is to see – and possibly purchase – the earrings, so the distraction of extra filters or editing isn’t necessary. It is best (in my opinion) to just let the combination of natural light and color contrast put the focus on the art you’re trying to show us.

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