Keygate Ficbit: Find a Way

“I thought the Keyblade would protect him.” It hurt to get the words out. “That’s what it’s for, right? Killing all the nasty stuff in the Multiverse. And it did. For a while.” Axel shuddered. “But when DiZ had him in that virtual Twilight Town – Roxas forgot he had the Keyblade.”

A sharp hiss from the other side of the rock. “Xemnas got to him there?”

“I don’t know.” No, no wailing. Wailing bad. “All I know is, when I tried to grab him… I forgot the plan.” He almost wanted to chuckle at the irony. “I forgot. So I let him go. That’s what friends do, right? I let part of Xemnas walk right into Sora and make itself at home. Now what the hell do I do, huh? Everybody’s counting on Sora, and I….” He couldn’t say it.

I have to kill him.

“Everything you love will die….”

“It won’t come to that.” Vinnie’s voice was firm. “Merlin and Aeris are already working on the problem. They’ve contacted others who knew of Xehanort. His Majesty has been warned.” A sigh. “If the worst comes to pass… Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather will cast him into an enchanted sleep. We will find a way to save him.”

It hurt to hope. It hurt.


9 thoughts on “Keygate Ficbit: Find a Way

  1. Axel! Having. Now finished 358/2 my heart breaks for him. The poor guy! I know Xion was Ret Goned, but that doesn’t mean Roxas wasn’t inserted into some of those to avoid continuity errors. “I will always bring the two of you back!”

    And Lea spending time training with Kairi, staring at her because she looks familiar, why is she familiar? It’s not from knowing Naminé (who looks less like Kairi then Xion in my opinion, seriously) and it’s driving him crazy because this is important he promised and sometimes Kairi does something and there’s another name on the tip of his tongue and if he could just say it everything would click into place.

    Hope hurts, it truly does. But he can do this.

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  2. To paraphrase Aeschylus:
    “I know how men in despair feed on dreams of hope.”

    Yeah Axel, it hurts. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t hope anyways.

    If no one tries for the best option, then it’ll never happen. So someone has to try, sometimes that someone has to be you.

    No matter how much it hurts.


  3. It hurt to hope. It hurt.

    Yes, it can.

    Because as much as you need hope, and sometimes no matter how bad it is, you should still TRY to save the world, friend, etc, anyway . . . you know very well that sometimes it’s not enough.

    You’re not strong enough, fast enough, there was unexpected problems, or just plain nothing you or anyone else could do about it.

    Knowing how long the odds are, it can hurt to keep even a dim flicker of hope alive, knowing that in all probability that dim flicker is going be malicious stuffed out eventually. It might NOT. But it probably will. Especially when you have a hard time seeing HOW exactly someone is going to fix this mess . . .

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      1. … I’m assuming that’s shorthand for ‘much like everything else in that setting, fixing this mess is gonna be complicated.’

        (Now, where are those flow-charts and dedicated protocol droids? I’m not perfect but I have a decent memory for persnickity details, and I’m more than happy to add my hand to the pot of trying to make sense of this clown-car pile-up.)

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      2. Load the “KHWTFMWTFWTH” package in R Studio. This requires that ‘ggplot2’ and ‘rmarkdown’ be already installed.

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