BtVS/Saiyuki Ficbit: Finger in the Eye of Fate

A/N: BtVS and Saiyuki, not mine. At all. I blame Ellen Brand for this one…. 😉 AU of the Buffy eps “Passion” and “Killed by Death”, at the very least. Brief mention of a Robert E. Howard character.

There are worse places to wake up to who you really are than in the middle of an abandoned Sunnydale factory just as it’s burning down. But not many.

“Kanzeon Bosatsu, you bastard!

“Buffy,” Giles said warily, as Jenny Calendar whimpered and hid behind Xander, “you are aware that you’re being disrespectful toward one of the five Bodhisattvas who rule Heaven?”

“And I bet se’s laughing hir divine ass off.” Buffy gave the heavens the finger, and cocked her revolver. “Touch those ear cuffs, Giles, and I will shoot you.”

“Spell’s over, Buff,” Xander stated, trying to casually herd the weeping computer teacher and the rest of his friends away from flames and out the door. “Just like Halloween… I know you didn’t get hit by that, Ms. Calendar, but trust me. The memories stuck in your head? Not real. Honest. Let me show you-”

Buffy didn’t even glance at the fingers nearing the golden diadem; just shifted her aim. “I can shoot you in the hand, Xander.”

“Guys, fire bad, out?” Willow yelped, chain clinking as the crescent blade retreated to her staff.

“Right,” Buffy grumbled, uncocking her revolver and holding up an arm. “Hakuryuu!”

The little white dragon dropped out of the rafters, cheeping.

“…Oh, dear lord.”

Sunnydale’s night was cool and dark and quiet, if you didn’t count the fire sirens. Practically speaking, Buffy didn’t. The four of them going through towns scattered panic and explosions in their wake the way most road trips scattered fast-food litter-

She had a sudden, aggravating impulse to pound her head against the nearest warehouse wall. Or better yet, someone else’s head. Which wouldn’t solve anything… but it’d sure make her feel better.


28 thoughts on “BtVS/Saiyuki Ficbit: Finger in the Eye of Fate

  1. The four of them going through towns scattered panic and explosions in their wake the way most road trips scattered fast-food litter- And now they are all living in one spot. Practically on top of a entrance to hell. Is that what’s making Buffy’s temper flare? Or is it the old memories showing up where they technically shouldn’t fit anymore?

    Buffy’s showing a lot more Sanzo than the rest of them are showing their previous selves. Except Kanan, who seems to be freaking out. Do they need a bit more time to settle in?

    So you said Jenny was Kanan. Kanan’s not ready to handle this, considering how she handled the last problem she had- understandable, mind. Jenny will hopefully handle things better.

    Giles seems to have been Hakkai- wonder how Jenny’s going to handle that? I don’t think she ever saw Gonou in a homicidal mood beyond when she killed herself…

    Willow is Gojyo- talk about a 180 in personality- which leaves

    Xander as Goku. Still a monkey.

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  2. Oh wow, lol!

    That said, I’d way prefer working for Kanzeon Bosatsu then The Powers That Be. One of those “divinities?” prefers not involving innocent bystanders if they can help it and that definitely isn’t The Powers That Be…

    And Buffy as Sanzo’s modern reincarnation… that works so well. Although… *thinks of Angel, Spike and the Watcher’s Counsel* That would be so fun to watch…

    *grabs popcorn*

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      1. … In that case The Powers That Be done ****ed up hard. Because say what you want about Kanzeon, but those souls are hir’s thankyouverymuch.

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      2. *Snrk* Given The Powers That Be’s history of considering one or a few lone souls as inconsequential in the grand scheme of things – beyond whatever uses The Powers That Be themselves find for them, of course – then yes.

        The Powers will get to enjoy that terrible, awful rightness of getting exactly what they deserve.

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      3. Oh dear… *thinks about what happened to the last set of deities that tried to screw Kanzeon over*

        Yep… Kanzeon is through playing “fair” and is setting up a series of Spanners in the Works… the PTB won’t know what hit them…

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  3. ….Sanzo, meet the Watcher’s Council. Watcher’s Council? Expect your health premiums in relation to bullet wounds/grazes to go up exponentially.

    The Hellmouth won’t know what hit it.

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  4. Hah. Hahah! HaHAHAAAHHAHAHAHHAAAHAHAHAHeeeeheh-heeheee… hoo. Ho. Oh boy, oh man.


    This is gonna be fun.

    (As an addendum: hopefully Ms. Calendar/Kanan adapts fairly quickly and things go… Less poorly for her in this incarnation. Hilariously Xander is less of an impulsive brat than Goku, but is also less mature in other ways.
    Here’s hoping the combined memories help him mellow out in the middle. And while I know you tend to stick to early series ships for Buffy the thought of Gojyo as Willow just makes me line up Mister ‘Ladies Man’ flirt with Willow’s interest in girls later in the series and I can’t help but imagine Willow trying some of Gojyo’s charm on persons she’s interested in. Because that image? Is frankly hilarious.)

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  5. Oh this was delightful! So many things are going to be on fire, full of bullet holes, or both. This is going to be amazing if you have time to continue it!

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  6. Does Buffy get that unlimited credit card Sanzo had?

    …I just wondered how Saiyuki would have gone if Sanzo had the Slayer’s physical firepower and resistance. How do slayers compare to youkai?

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  7. BtVS/Saiyuki Ficbit: Finger in the Eye of Fate

    Color me interested.

    Because if anyone deserves to tell Fate where to stick it . . .

    I blame Ellen Brand for this one…

    I’m sure.

    “Kanzeon Bosatsu, you bastard!” . . .. “you are aware that you’re being disrespectful toward one of the five Bodhisattvas who rule Heaven?”

    Don’t worry, se deserves it.

    And was probably expecting that reaction anyway.

    Se might have finally managed to do worse than the sticking Sanzo with a certain monkey.

    And if anyone is who I think they are . . .

    This should be interesting.

    In a very Kanzeon sense of the word.

    Kanzeon has a beef with the PTB. Long story short – those souls didn’t get reincarnated here by Kanzeon’s doing!

    Oh my . . .

    This is going to be even more interesting than I thought.

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