Keygate Ficbit – Logic Problem

“The Committee can hold them-”

“No, you won’t!” Axel’s chest ached. Crazy. “He’s not coming for your damn walls, Vinnie! He’s coming for you. All of you! Naminé’s there, and everybody who ever kicked Org ass, and he is about to make you bend over and kiss it all goodbye.”

“We’ve fixed the security systems.” Vinnie’s tone was level. Almost reassuring.

Except not, because Axel knew those security systems. “You fixed the hardware, you jarhead! You think I’ve been dancing in and out with bells on ‘cause of a few burned-out sensors?”

The red cloak was silent. Waiting.

What do I do? That’s the only ace I’ve got left….

Dusks in Radiant Garden. No kids learning to dance and fight and laugh even when the monsters poured out of the darkness. No blue suits stalking the shadows, breaking rules and breaking heads, all to keep people faced at the real enemies. No ninjas to tie up in string, no green eyes that knew him and giggled, even though Aeris of all people had to feel the Darkness clinging to him-

“It’s a logic problem.”

Vinnie raised a startled brow.

“The Elders were from Radiant Garden, before – before. Some of them knew how Tron was programmed. I found Vexen’s notes.” Went through them after the guy was dead, and never mind how nauseous it made him. You had to take your intel where you could find it. “He’s meant to interface with human users. Means he has to think more like a person than a program. And that means he’s got blind spots. Not bad sensors. How he thinks.”

Wordless, Vinnie inclined his head.

“You tell a computer you’re two places at the same time, that’s the info it spits back out,” Axel rushed on. “You tell a person you’re two places at once, he says, what are you, nuts? And Tron’s not supposed to go crazy. He’s supposed to be safe. Somebody you can trust. So if the sensors tell the computer you’re doing something impossible, and that’s the data that’s supposed to go through Tron….”

“It never gets to him,” Vinnie breathed. “Damn.”

A/N: Because I refuse to believe Radiant Garden had no defenses against teleportation, darn it.


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