Keygate Ficbit – Not Easy

“What, you want Sora to land in the middle of that mess when he comes charging back for Hordes of the Great Maw, The Sequel? Not gonna let that happen.” Not when he’d finally beaten his ego down enough to admit that no, he was not going to be able to take Saïx on his own and get Kairi back. And leaving her in the Org’s clutches, even if it would draw Sora into a trap full of Heartless….

I can’t do it. It’s wrong.

And that hurt. Roxas was his partner. Didn’t that mean something? Didn’t it mean everything? He’d burn up whole Worlds to save Roxas. Why couldn’t he let the Org have one annoying little girl?


Something in Vinnie’s voice brought him up short, before he could reach for Darkness. “Yeah?” he asked warily.

“Thank you. For helping us. I know it can’t be easy.”

Axel’s hands curved at his sides, already longing for a simple, clean fight. “You want to thank me, tell me why the hell I’m doing this. You got a Heart. Maybe you know. Why can’t I just… do what’s easy? Let him win.” He stared at blurring colors; seeing a wall of flames, and sober blue eyes under spiky blond hair. “Why can’t I just quit?”

“I had a friend once, who fought because he didn’t want to die,” Vinnie said quietly. “But you, Axel… you fight because you want to live.” Silent, he held out a hand.

“I did that to Sora, once,” Axel said, half to himself. “Told him we had a lot in common; did he want a hint? Smart kid. He didn’t take it.” It hurt. “Sometimes I wonder… what would’ve happened, if I took his?”


4 thoughts on “Keygate Ficbit – Not Easy

  1. Axel…

    Poor guy, he really is just too loyal for his own good. I’m glad he’s got Vincent to talk to. And if/when he remembers being Lea, that will be even better.

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    1. Problem is either we need DiZ’s tech – the stuff used to reintegrate Sora and Roxas – or Kairi (or another Princess of Heart) to pull another miracle out of her hat to reintegrate Axel and Sparks into Lea. Otherwise both need to be destroyed – possibly via Keyblade – and… Well. That’d work but I doubt anyone would like it.

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