Keygate Ficbit – Explanation Interruptus

For a moment, the wizard’s kind eyes glittered with righteous fury. “Axel may have more than his own price to pay. I strongly suspect Xemnas has many reasons for possessing the other Nobodies. But one, above all, might be enough. If the rest of the Organization are parts of his will…. then they can pay the price for him. And Xemnas himself will escape the Multiverse’s wrath.”

Leon clenched fingers on ceramic, willing himself to pull back before he broke it. Sometimes you had to call something what it was. “That’s evil.”

“So it is,” Merlin agreed. “I’ve no idea who trained Xehanort with a Keyblade, but I’d like to give them a stern talking-to.” He breathed in coffee steam. “If we’re fortunate, none of this will matter. Vincent will convince Axel we’re allies, we’ll bring him to Yen Sid, and we’ll shake the old sorcerer until some sense falls out and Axel can train as a Keybearer.”

Right. And we’re always so lucky. Leon grimaced. “And if we’re not?”

“You, Reeve, and Aeris are Vincent’s closest friends.” Merlin’s gaze met his, grave. “He will need you.”

Damn. Leon sighed, and nodded. “So what else should I know about potential Keybearers?”


Darkness whooshed; Leon leapt away from Merlin to open the range, hand automatically going for his gunblade-

“Leon!” Vincent, tense and frightened as he’d ever seen the man as shreds of purple-black wisped away. “There’s an invasion coming!”


10 thoughts on “Keygate Ficbit – Explanation Interruptus

  1. . . . but I’d like to give them a stern talking-to.”

    Is this the kind of stern talking to that needs bandages?

    Right. And we’re always so lucky. Leon grimaced. “And if we’re not?”

    And Murphy is seldom precisely on the hero’s side. It can be near your side, sometimes providing the x factor that means you survive the encounter by the skin of your teeth and/or doing something random to the enemy’s plan but still . . . Murphy has its own side and is equal opportunity source of havoc to all well-made plans.

    “There’s an invasion coming!”

    Case in point . . . .

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  2. Huh, Reeve? I hadn’t seen he was in Kingdom Hearts, but awesome(and Reeve is probably the most underestimated character in FF7, when you actually look at what he does throughout the game.) I think one of the reasons I gave up on Birth of Sleep(besides the horrible control scheme), was that the guy training the Keybearers was an utter idiot on the level of the Jedi Council. They couldn’t have actually given a direct warning that would have worked to stop the whole thing.

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  3. Oh, lovely. A Karma Houdini. Just what every story needs. And did Vincent learn to teleport himself, or did he get a bit of assistance?

    On a completely off topic note (I really need to rant about this, but no one really seems to get it somehow), I was talked (conned) into watching the new Deadpool movie. I had misgivings from the start, but with much convincing (You’ll love it, the first one was hilarious! You like Deadpool!) I finally gave in.

    I really, really wish I didn’t. I really should have known better. There is a big difference between cartoons, comics, fanfiction, and an actual movie. I do not like watching movies on good days. Especially if it includes guts, gore, and horror. My imagination is graphic enough without help, and I can’t help but cringe. But there I was. So Stupid.

    My first clue was seeing the rated R, which hadn’t registered before then for some reason. Then came the previews for other rated R movies. Oh, hell, those previews were horrifying. Special mention goes out to The Purge prequel, which gave a gruesome view of an already horrifying concept. I spent a good portion of the previews with my eyes closed and plugging my ears.

    I tried to keep things vague, but consider this your spoiler alert just in case.

    Then came the movie. Yep, blood, guts, and gore. Horrible deaths. So much. Lines were funny, yes, but when you cringe and close your eyes at bloody scenes… And then we get to a really big car chase. There wasn’t much blood and guts to that one, beyond the beginning. And somehow, that was the worst part. Because here our (supposedly) brave, upstanding heroes are out to rescue someone. One person.

    The unmentioned collateral damage was immense. Had that been in real life, the possible death toll could make a terrorist drop jaw in awe. The damages to the surroundings- I can’t even imagine how much it’d cost. And the entire scene was played off as impressive eye candy. And once the fridge logic kicked in properly, I spent the rest of the day horrified. And wondering how many movies do the same thing.

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  4. I will say, the one thing I like about the main Marvel movies is that they actually have the heroes concerned about collateral damage(Yes, even the Guardians.) I love the fact the Battle of New York actually has them both talking about and actually controlling the area of the fight, and that it is clear they take the failure personally and as a failure. And I have to say, the decision to make Falcon Air Rescue and a councilor was inspired for the same reason.

    I know what you mean about movies being a pain on the best days, though. I’ve got an excellent visual memory, which is a big negative if the person you live with loves bad horror movies. So much gore…

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    1. Used to work in a nursing home/rehab as a CNA. Naturally, lacking anything else to do, patients usually resorted to one of two things. Either they spent most their time sleeping, or they spent it watching TV. So at any given time you might hear Golden Girls going, or Bonanza, Guiligan’s Island, I Love Lucy, Andy Griffith’s show, ect. And hey, that’s fine. Not too terrifying.

      But sometimes someone a bit younger came through. And you could hear the Scifi Channel, some of which is pretty horrifying to get a glimpse of. Or maybe they had Supernatural going.

      I remember a view of this older horror movie with a strange pouncing/bouncing swamp monster. Cheesy, and still unnerving. It was the screaming.

      Then there was this bit of some strange lava shark movie I had the misfortune of catching. I’ll never forget the image of a man in his personal yacht trying to lift what he thought was an unconscious person out of the ocean- and only pulling up the top half of the body. Understandably freaks out, drops the body, turns the boat around to leave- Cue glowing red fin popping out of the water and chasing his boat at a ridiculous speed.

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  5. So.

    Given the auspicious timing of Leon’s comment and Vincent’s entry is it Vincent or Leon who’s the potential Keyblade Bearer.

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