Earring Tales: Lilac Dragon

Hmm. I think I should have used more green and less purple.

Lilac Dragon6

I figured these colors would look good together, and they do, but I was aiming for more of a “dragon hiding as flowers in the garden” approach, which would call for more green. Drat.

Suggestions on how to make a more color-balanced version welcome.

Lilac Dragon earrings.


2 thoughts on “Earring Tales: Lilac Dragon

  1. Hmm . . . from the name of the piece and the colors, I thought the dragon was supposed to be purple . . . nothing wrong with purple dragons . . . maybe one taking a nap in the high grass.

    But to do green dragon in the lilacs . . . . maybe you could have purple beads be a green that is either darker or lighter than the main green, leaving the lilac beads as the only shade of purple . . . if you chose to go with the darker green, like a forest green, it would probably look pretty good . . . through a lighter green like more a mint green for the edging on the main green bands might pop more against the lilac . . .

    Or just change the green to a shade that where the contrast to the purple and lilac is more sharp. Though that might make it too obvious that the dragon is there and it is supposed to be hiding . . .

    Of course that is just in my head and sometimes what works in your head doesn’t work in real life.

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  2. Perhaps try a blue-green instead of the darker purple edging rows. Something that looks like it’s caught between the green and the purple would add the illusion of melting into both colors.

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