10 thoughts on “Storm Alberto Update

  1. Current spaghetti plots have Subtropical Storm Alberto headed in this direction . . .

    Oh yeah . . . . just what this state needs (sarcasm).

    Been raining almost every afternoon and sometimes well into the night in my part of the state (Central, near Tampa). Internet and such has so far held up okay. Through our cats haven’t been too fond of all this moisture. Especially our black tuxedo cat Scamp – he keeping looking out at the rain with one of the most annoyed looks I’ve ever seen on a cat.

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    1. That is indeed the technical term used by weather-people to describe the squiggle of various storm-tracks plotted by their multiple weather models. If you look at a map predicting where a tropical storm or hurricane might go, it looks like a tangle of spaghetti noodles.

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