Keygate Ficbit – Faeries and Cyberpunk

A/N: Preloading this in case power’s out Monday. So if I’m slow to reply… well.

“I can show you the way to the Castle that Never Was. Axel wanted to rescue Kairi, and….” Naminé’s voice faltered. “He can’t. So I will.”

Vincent tilted his head, considering her words. From what he knew of Nobodies, this was not without risk. “If you’re too close to Kairi-”

“I know.”  Her eyes were wet, but she gave him a brave smile. “There were people I wanted to see. Places I wanted to go. And… I saw them. I met all of you. I’ll never forget that.” She held out her hand. “But I’m afraid, if I tell the others… they might try to stop me.”

“So you went to the Turks. Wise.” Vincent inclined his head. “Are you ready?”

Swallowing, she nodded.

“Scathach. Keys.” Vincent waited until they were close, then glanced at Tseng. “Tell Leon I’ve gone to finish a job.”

Shifting into the silk-mist of Red Cloak, he carried them all away.

“He’s going to get killed,” Siler muttered, poking at yet another of Cid’s diagrams as he tried to sort out what was wrong with the latest crashed Gummi ship. They’d worked out a pretty fair Shakuen-to-English lexicon years ago, but Gummi ships… well, they were made from part of the stuff that kept Worlds apart. Every once in a while something in them might decide they didn’t like their current configuration, and then you had to go hunting for wherever the circuits might have gotten to. “Wrench. Vincent is going to get killed, permanently this time, and I’m going to be stuck here with clothes-switching fairies, live chairs, and what the Mob would look like if Harry Potter went cyberpunk.” The heavy weight of the wrench landed in Siler’s hand, and he almost froze. “…Um. No offense.”

Rude smirked, overhead light glinting off the Turk’s shaved dark head and the myriad silver rings studding his left ear. “None taken.”

7 thoughts on “Keygate Ficbit – Faeries and Cyberpunk

  1. Well, Siler isn’t wrong about Turks. Also, I’m pretty dang certain that Kairi/Naminé and Sora/Roxas are the only two examples of concurrently existing Somebody/Nobody Paris. And I haven’t gotten to the end of the second game for, hoo, a few years now. I can infer a forced merger if the two are too close, but the later canon of Nobody/Heartless seems to contradict that. Kairi never had a Heartless, Sora sort of is/absorbed his Heartless depending on your point of view, so it’s a bit of a gray area.

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  2. “He’s going to get killed,” Siler muttered . . .


    Vincent is pretty difficult to get rid of, through. A lot of various parties over both of his lives have tried and not been that successful.

    Not to say one shouldn’t worry. Vincent has limits and is going against some pretty bad odds. And, after all, when someone is gunning for you, YOU have to be lucky every time. They only need to be lucky ONCE.

    . . . and what the Mob would look like if Harry Potter went cyberpunk.

    From what I understand, many of the Turks would take that as compliment.

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      1. In fairness to Riddle and his merry band of terrorists, Rowling was up against her limits as a writer, and probably didn’t realize it.

        Experiencing something as current events does not mean that one has the historical perspective to fully understand what is going on. To have really grokked the terrorist movements of her day, she probably would have needed to study to the point of becoming political. As in hardcore communist or militant anti-communist, because it is hard to study what the communists were actually doing without picking a side. Her socialism doesn’t really count as political in this context.

        As someone not prepared to write Harry Potter as good military fiction, she seems to have left off explaining and establishing the unusual stresses on magical society that contributed to the movements of Grindlewald and Riddle. I can only speak to my memories of the first seven books, as I haven’t followed the recent material.

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  3. Nice.


    Somehow had a impression that this was going to have an element in SAO world. This chapter, from Faeries and Cyberpunk. ‘Cause for many years, the VR would tend to classify SAO as Cyberpunk. I’ve long been a bit of a sucker for VR stories. I still mean to catch up on the Tom Clancy’s Net Force Explorers books I didn’t read when the library had them.

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