Keygate Ficbit – A Good Reason

A/N: And preloading this in case power’s still out Tuesday. 🙂

Tseng’s not stupid, Siler reminded himself. Naminé was our look in on how Nobodies think. If he let her slip out of our reach, he must have had a good reason.

…Then again, Turks usually considered “I wanted to blow stuff up” a good reason.

And that led to part of his brain tying together explosions and the fact that Naminé could do nasty things to people’s memories, and voting for them to go hide in a corner until everything blew over. Cid knew the Turks. He’d understand perfectly.

But I’ve got a job to do, Siler reminded himself, testing one wire at a time to see if it was carrying the right amount of electrical and thaumaturgical current. Aha. One broken wire, another that had gotten contaminated with Water when it was supposed to be carrying Air. You do the job, even if you want leave. It’s like being TDY. For a long, long time.

Vincent didn’t consider himself on temporary duty. Hadn’t for years. Traverse Town, now here; the sniper fit into the Multiverse like ghosts in Halloweentown. And Vincent still had that plaque of spiderwebs and moth-wings, stretched over a thin slab of Night itself.

Town Mascot. Siler shuddered. He’d told Vincent it was neat. And… it was. But wrapping his mind around the existence of Worlds like that, where Vincent was considered odd not because he changed into monsters, but because he spent part of the time human….

I want to go home.


8 thoughts on “Keygate Ficbit – A Good Reason

  1. …Then again, Turks usually considered “I wanted to blow stuff up” a good reason.

    Which it is considering everything else a bored and/or stressed Turk could be doing instead.

    Because I got the impression that the Turks understand very well “Need to kill something but I can’t”

    I want to go home.

    I’m sure everyone wants to go home. For everything to go back to normal.

    But in most cases, they can’t.

    According to the other snippets, YOU might have a chance to get home back.

    Through I doubt it would be exactly the same home nor would everything and everyone be the same as they were before. Too much stuff has happened to all three for everything go back to just the same as it always was.

    But I emphasize with the wish that it was. Because you get tired of change. Of danger. And just want things to be normal and safe.

    So very tired.

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