Keygate Ficbit – Heartburst

DiZ’s machine!

Gone, Vincent knew as he hid in a white alcove of the Castle That Never Was. Vaporized in a blast that had shaken even Chaos to the core. So much power, so many Hearts freed-

Scathach and Keys were Fading.

No! Not again!

They fought to hold onto him, talons gripping his cloak even as they turned transparent. Vincent could feel their desperation, their panic; Vincent was their Heart, and something was trying to take him away.

The World calls them back. Almost a snarl, from Chaos. Xemnas was their target, and he was still out there….

“How can we help them?” Because yes, Xemnas had to be destroyed, but this was his Team. If he lost them, the way he’d lost Lea-

Chaos growled, but more in frustration than anger. Three Keybearers were together to face Xemnas; it had to be enough. Trust me. Reach for the Light!

It burned.

Falling. Almost like being flung through the Stargate, dark and stars and potential singing in his veins-

Knees gave out, and Vincent sat down on a locker room bench.

Green-clad knees. SGC fatigues.

I thought it would be easier for both of us, Chaos murmured. We should be able to maintain this appearance, if we must. Though your other selves are… upset.

Which was a mild way of describing Galian’s indignant caterwaul at being without metal claws, and Red Cloak’s sense of darting, closed in, flee!

Shh, Vincent willed them. The locker room was empty for now, but that could change quickly. Hush. Be still. Let us listen. Let us feel.

9 thoughts on “Keygate Ficbit – Heartburst

  1. Oh dear. It was easy to forget that Vincent’s Team are from different Worlds. Lea and Vincent from SGC and Alicia and Elisa from Gargoyles. This hurts more then the end of KH1, when Kairi and Sora are split by the Border.

    Still. This will be interesting, because a Fallen World is frozen in time, but the survivors aren’t as the Radient Garden group and the Destiny Island group proves.

    ….Wait a second. Destiny Islands came back at the end of KH1, and it’s not paused as proven in KH2, so how is it a Sleeping World in 3D? Unless that’s part of information I’m missing due to regions through the series…

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      1. Did some more digging, looks like Sora and Riku time traveled(?) to Destiny Islands just as it was falling, so the raft they set out on was actually the one they built because they were avoiding their younger selves, rode the Fall into the Realm of Sleep, which somehow moved them back to the present day while still in the Realm of Sleep(? Actually, I think I’ll say they moved wonkily in time as they went along, because they did encounter a young Mickey in the Musketeers World, until they finally hit the present and stayed there), and I’m not going to explain how Ursula got there. No, not doing it.

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  2. So, I’ve been wondering a thing the last few days, the whole multiverse thing how does all the time travel and alternate realities from Stargate SG1 work? Were only the hearts from one specific reality/time line fall to darkness or all of them?

    Does Sargent Vincent Valentine (I can only imagine how Jack must have reacted to a name like that) only exist in one of the infinite alternate reality one could access via the Quantum Mirror and it is only that reality that is connected to the Kingdom Hearts Multiverse, a reality that is rather far removed from the “Main” Timeline of Stargate (I was going to say the Stargate Universe and then I was gonna say the Stargate Continuum but uh, those are both their own things)?

    And on the subject of Stargate being full of time travel and alternate realities, uh, how did Leon react to such knowledge? “you’ve gotta be kidding me, space travel, time travel and alternate reality travel from a world where ONE single planet had over 7 BILLION inhabitant’s. I need a drink, a strong one”

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      1. Ohohohoho, what a lovely use of canon. One other thing I am wondering, in the instance of multiple reality versions of the same person, for instance, Sam; do they technically have the same heart or different ones? I wonder, because it’s canon in SG-1 that multiple versions of a person can not exist in the same reality together for very long, but it is also canon in Kingdom Hearts that the heart is very mailable and experience and life can bring great and drastic changes in a heart.

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