Earring Tales: Robin Blue

…Friends don’t let friends bead in dim light?

Robin Eggshell7

At least it fits with the theme of spring and eggshell-blue. I think. šŸ™‚

I was going to make this a gradient from pale to blue, but after stringing some beads together to look at how the finishes played off each other, I decided it’d look better if I went to pale at both sides; translucent on one, solid-color on the other. So it’s more eggshell-patchy pale-to-blue than a sky-lit transition.

Thoughts, comments?

Robin blue earrings.


8 thoughts on “Earring Tales: Robin Blue

  1. Pretty, but very pale. Definitely more what I imagine is an ice blue though. If you were going for an ice theme Iā€™d say use a pale silver edging. Of course, then it might turn out a moonlight on silver healing. Which would make for interesting times for a werewolf…

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  2. Pretty . . .

    Could be robin’s egg or ice blue just as easily. The gold edging makes me think of the nest the eggs would be sitting in . . .

    Is it just me or is one of the beads green instead of blue?

    Probably what you mean by friends not letting friends bead in dim light . . .

    I do my best to avoid doing my embroidery and cross-stitch in dim light for that reason – to avoid mixing up colors but also to avoid straining my eyes. My eyesight already stinks – it does not need help on the front. Plus eyestrain gives me migraines. Also not fun.

    Still, sometimes you have to work with what time and space you can get. And sometimes said time and space isn’t ideal for whatever it is that you doing.

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  3. “I think I need to cut you off, give me the thread.”

    “Hey, I can handle it, you can’t tell me what to bead!”

    “Look at what you’re doing! Is that supposed to be Eggshell Blue or Pastel Teal?”

    “…are those even different colors?”

    “Look, go home. Turn on some good lights. Everything will look better in the morning.”

    “I suppose you’re right. I’ll just finish this bottle of whisky and drive home in the dark on the motorcycle with the broken headlight.”

    “Good. Just remember, no beading.”

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