Earring Tales: Lull in the Sea

Put this together and realized it reminded me of Shioshishio’s school colors.

Lull in the Sea9

I find the edge color, silver-lined blue zircon, to be a good all-purpose blue. It’s in the medium-blue range, so it can go with a lot of things; brightening up a darker design, contrasting with a pale one. It’s the right color blue, for me, to suggest sky without having to use a large swath of blue. And the metallic element of it lets it stand up well against even intense reds.

The center diamonds are a newer, lighter silver-lined blue I got from Fusion Beads, and I’m still poking them to see where they seem to fit. Maybe a bit more waterfall or wave sort of blue than sky? Hmm.

Lull in the Sea earrings.

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