Finger in the Eye of Fate up on AO3

Finger in the Eye of Fate is up on Archive of Our Own.

In other news, after a hiatus to handle some of the most pressing bits of RL, getting back to Pearl of Fire edits today.

(RL has been particularly obnoxious. Yes, more than usual. Falling plaster. Graaaar.)

Also, just for fun and to get writing moving, working on In The Cat’s Ear, DtB/Bleach with one particular hapless Syndicate team crashing Karakura again.

…Quietly crashing. Very quietly. Quiet as an assassin and cat can manage. Who, us?

I hear the snickering already. 😉

Not going to be posting any of that on AO3 until I’m sure I will hit “The End” – the bunnies are terrified of Yet Another Hanging Fic out there. But if people want snippets… I want to hit the end of the first chapter, first. Then, if people are interested, snippets I will post. 🙂


27 thoughts on “Finger in the Eye of Fate up on AO3

  1. Thank you and thank you. Will scrape up time later to comment on Finger after reading it.

    I would, of course, be interested in snippets of Cat’s Ear. But you need to do what works for you, so I’ll be patient.

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  2. Now I’m picturing Mao vs. Yoruichi in a cat-off while Hei and Ichigo stand off to the side with identical expressions of “what did I do to deserve this” on their faces.

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    1. Re: Mao and Yoruichi. My bunnies have reminded me that the Cursed Spring of Drowned Cat and the Cursed Spring of Drowned Girl are both Ranma canon. It may happen if I ever come back to that particular Kingdom Hearts multicross.

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      1. I got sidetracked by figuring out the water margin/Saint Seiya Kingdom Hearts thing. Post Second Keyblade War, during the Temporal Cold War, Minerva Zabi discovers she is the reincarnation of Athena, and must once again gather the 108 Saints. Haven’t figured out how to get things going, beyond UC world having been destroyed by opposing forces during the start of Unicorn Gundam, just prior to the story start. If I can’t figure out how to give cool action up front, and how to make some promises to the reader, there probably isn’t enough there.

        The bunnies tell me that the previous kingdom hearts thing wants some research I don’t have time for at the moment.

        Enough sleep makes everything better.

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  3. Finger in the Eye of Fate is up on Archive of Our Own.

    Will read. Expect another comment with thoughts after I finish.

    (RL has been particularly obnoxious. Yes, more than usual. Falling plaster. Graaaar.)

    Sorry to hear about that.

    Bad enough when people are a pain in the neck. People can be (in theory) reasonable and be reasoned with (again, in theory). Inanimated objects not so much.

    Then, if people are interested, snippets I will post

    I’m interested in snippets. But I can be patient if that’s what the bunnies need to finish this one.

    Hope that finishing In The Cat’s Ear will help revive the bunnies’ spirits so they can continue their work on the rest of your on-going projects, both fic and original. Not a complaint. I know it’s hard to work when the bunnies are all worn out and/or frazzled. OR when IRL is not being at all helpful. Just hoping that you and your bunnies get the time, space, and creative flow that you need. 🙂

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    1. Heh. I’ve found inanimate objects much more reasonable than most people….

      Snippets – I need to be fairly sure chapter 1 is set before I post any, or the bunnies might race down non-plot-helping holes. 🙂 ATM I’m working on a tense standoff in a hospital room. *G*

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  4. Kanzeon was Not Amused.

    And it’s not hard to see why.

    “Just like Halloween . . .

    Don’t assume with magic. Even if Angelus did monologue about what he did, he might have lied about certain details. Or just not known things since I doubt he’s an expert on magic.

    The four of them going through towns scattered panic and explosions in their wake the way most road trips scattered fast-food litter-

    Okay, that is more Sanzo than Buffy . . . but not by much.

    Sorry, Buffy, you don’t always set things on fire or blow them up but it does happen around you more often than the average person.

    “You don’t know,” Jenny whispered . . .

    Yes and no?

    If her memories of Sanzo’s life are intact, she has a good idea of what happened and Kanan and Hakkai’s history.

    Still, there is a difference between knowing something happened and actually remembering it.

    “It’s a secret!”

    The Scoobies facepalmed.

    And start to understand why their past lives are in favor of Sanzo shooting at The Merciful Goddess.

    before Angelus had realized he might have summoned a bit more demon-slayer than he could handle and yelled for vampiric reinforcements.

    Which makes me wonder about the version of the story Angelus found.

    Or just how arrogant he is.

    Did he really think taking on someone who killed a thousand demons BEFORE becoming youkai and then continued to fight them afterward could be an EASY opponent?

    “Xander, that is irresponsible, unethical, and certainly illegal,” Giles said severely. But oh, how very tempting.

    And undeniably interesting.

    It’s not hard to see why Kanzeon is so often amused.

    Were the Powers trying to get them killed off?”

    Probably. There is a reason they are running short of Slayers and Champions after all.

    And if the floor didn’t stop wobbling soon, it was next on the list.


    you and many of the staff of this hospital may not have time to realize your mistake….”

    Why do I have the feeling that said idiot isn’t going to listen?

    He just has “I know what I’m doing” written all of them. Doctors have tendency toward that anyway . . .


    Might be normal.

    But I think it might be some weird side effect of being divine, demonic, and dragon . . .

    Dragon blood and kami

    Oh my . . .

    A bittersweet chime beside them, like golden glass breaking.

    Oh my . . . again.

    But more in the bring me my brown pants sort of way.

    And why did he have the oddest feeling the universe was snickering at him?

    Because it is.

    At least a certain portion of it is.

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      1. *grins*


        I wonder if Kanzeon will decide, at some point, to saddle up to one of the other deities other and say “You know that Champion of yours that went missing a couple of centuries ago? I think I know what happened to him.”
        “Do tell.”

        Because Kanzeon cannot be the only deity who has lost Champions to the Powers and will not be amused by their presumption to take what doesn’t belong to them.

        Not immediately. Because se and hir guys deserved to give them a good solid beating first. But so might someone else. And Kanzeon strikes as the type to be thorough in this kind of lessons. To make sure it really sinks in.

        And it’s always good to make it as difficult as possible for people that do pull the same stunt on someone else later.

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  5. So the question is why the doctor felt a burning need to remove the circlet.
    Even if he thought they were werewolves, chaining them up and leaving until morning makes sense.

    Unless the Initiative decided they had a perfect chance to get an MRI of a transforming werewolf or some other nonsense.

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  6. You know, the Initiative bring up a pet peeve/wish that I’d really like to see in a story or show. All the freaking time you see the small scrappy band of heroes taking care of business and when the government sticks it’s nose in, it’s either evil, incompetent or just plain in the way for the purpose of making the heroes seem better.

    I’d like to see a story or setting sometime when government interaction actually makes things better for the main cast.

    Though getting back to Eye of Fate, I suspect that Joyce is going to be let in on certain truths sooner than in canon. Sanzo isn’t exactly the type to hide the existence of monsters and magic qand between the general situation, emerging dragon blood+related instincts and Angelus being very annoying/targeting her family, keeping her mother in the dark is probably not going to rank very high on her list of priorities.

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      1. Even just competent and not cartoon-evil would be an improvement in many cases. Competent lawful-evil can still work for relative good through sheer pragmatic self-interest. Not that this is preferred over actual forces of good, but it’s still better than most other evils, and even over some “good” that is sufficiently incompetent and chaotic.

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      2. Re: Order and Chaos: There’s a book, whose title and author I forget, which was about a lumber factory in the Soviet Union. One of the people involved had a father that had seen timbering under the Czar. The unstructured ‘chaos’ of the Czar era produced more regular results than the careful centralized planning of the communist order. (I read a review on a blog, so…)

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      3. I actually read an interesting(if unfinished and had other issues) fanfic that did have the government having a sane and reasonable monster hunting policy and teams in the Buffy verse. So, why weren’t they at the Hellmouth?

        A) The Mayor was crazy good at his work and so they had no idea there was a hellmouth or major issues in Sunnydale. B) The Watcher’s council would not share any information, as the teams hunting monsters tended to think the Watcher’s habit of letting their Slayers go without backup was murder and reacted accordingly. C)The Initiative was initially just a research facility. Walsh got put in by a senator who was basically Kinsey and was lying like a rug to all of her oversight groups.

        I understand why people don’t write competent government in Buffy fics, but I also think that sometimes people forget how much small towns can hide from the feds and use that instead.

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    1. It’d be challenging, but it can be done without the government overshadowing the heroes or straining suspension of disbelief.

      Suppose one doesn’t have a background to invent a credible government, and wishes to use the US government. First question: Local, state or federal? How would or could a county or municipal government become involved? Local can be very fast, depending on how a few people decide. Federal? Federal works through vast bureaucratic programs, started in the past by a political coalition for whatever reason, and not unpopular enough to kill, yet. A good example might be Larry Correia’s Perpetual Unearthly Forces Fund.

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      1. “Evil looms. Kill it. Get paid.” *G*

        …Eh, the first one was okay as action-adventure, but even in that one I was looking at the list of supernatural powers racked up and wondering how any humans were still alive. Disbelief no longer suspended!

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