Earring Tales: Tidepool

Teal with teal and green, instead of blues.


I wanted to see how the perception of the matte teal beads would shift when combined with more greens, instead of the blues I used in Lull in the Sea. I think this came out neat. 🙂

I’ll have to get more of this color. It came from Fusion Beads, and my usual approach when getting a new color from them is to get just one bag so I can check if it looks as good in person as in the photo.

This, er, can also cut down on costs when I accidentally order what turns out to be the same color with a different name from my other bead suppliers. *Sheepish G* Yes, I check Delica part numbers but sometimes I miss one….


Tidepool earrings.

4 thoughts on “Earring Tales: Tidepool

  1. Looks like it came from deeper waters than Lull in the Sea . . . or somewhere the sea decided it was bored with being that blue and wanted to be more green . . . yes, I know that isn’t why the sea is different colors depending on where you are, the weather, etc, etc . . . but sometimes it certainly seems like the sea is doing something because it just felt like it.

    Easily to see why most sea deities are tend to be mercurial and temperamental.

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      1. Athena was one who gave Medusa the curse in the first place so . . . . usually

        Yes, Poseidon was trying to tick Athena off by sleeping with her in Athena’s temple . . . usually

        Through how interested Medusa was in having sex with Poseidon varies. Some have her with him voluntariarily . . . others, not so much.

        Greek mythology seldom has one version of a story so . . .

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